Zlatan’s Unripe PawPaw, Just Another Noise

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’s Unripe Pawpaw has been tagged as another noise as the newly released song lacks content but it’s filled with gibberish.

Zlatan’s Unripe Paw Paw, Just Another Noise

The famous notion that Nigerians do not value music content but pay more attention to its beat and rhythm has been proven to be true with the entrance of the likes of Zlatan into the Nigerian music scene.

Zlatan who is well known for lyrics that could pass for what the Christians call speaking in tongues has kept rocking the Naija music space with his recently released track  ‘Unripe Paw Paw’ and Quilox.

known for creating music from a trend, the Zanku originator , , and , who could not salvage the song by giving it few reasonable lyrics.

His Latest release ‘Unripe PawPaw’ which has over 4 million people streaming in ten days has gotten a lot of Nigerians talking.

Not failing to disappoint  Nigerians with his new release, Zlatan who was spitting gibberish as content in his new track was, saw his loyal fans downloading his song.

Deserving accolades for releasing Pepper dem, Zlatan has not released any track that I could reckon with as he only sings for the audience that doesn’t attend to lyrics but the beats.

The Unripe Pawpaw track though has over 4 million views/ streams still remains a big disappointment to the Nigerian music sphere as it insinuates that anything can pass for music in the Nigerian music scene once the artist is popular.

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The Zanku crooner who did reasonably well in the production of his first track release for the year Quilox was only spitting gibberish in his Unripe pawpaw track and making noise.

An Analysis of Unripe Paw Paw Lyrics

After carefully perusing the track I bet you will be of the opinion that if awards were being given for worst song produced for the year this unripe Paw Paw will be voted ahead of any other wack songs.

diving into lines of the songs, ” Aki and Pawpaw Aki and paw poporiporpor” this same line was chorused repeatedly in the track.

How does Aki and paw paw relate to unripe pawpaw?

I understand that our lovely Zlatan loves to produce nice rhythm and trending songs.

Please in doing that reflect on Pepper dem and see how successful it was and how your track was not just an anthem in the mouth of young club loving youths but also sang by old people before releasing any other track and maybe you should try pen down lyrics to see how much of sense they make before going into your studio room. I love your songs Zlatan.

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