Zlatan Ibile is more than just a street rapper on “Zanku” (Album Review)


Zlatan Ibile is more than just a street on “Zanku” (Album Review)

Zlatan Ibile is taking to the next level, and although the meaning of the slang has gone from just a dance step to a movement that now encompasses street on the upper echelons, Zlatan Ibile who kind of coined the term is now taking credit for it all. And, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you decide to see it, it’s refused to grow beyond him. So, if he doesn’t do a album, who will?

Zlatan Ibile

Guys like Slimcase and Mr Eazi, for example, who rode on waves of trends back in the day, were unable to fully bank on shaku-shaku and the alkayida vibes, respectively. Partly because it instantly became bigger than them and they couldn’t sustain it and partly because, erm, who knows? Mr Eazi even tried to use the term ‘banku’ to term his kind of vibe, but a slang ending in ‘ku’ can only get you so far. But I digress.

They insist is an acronym for Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us, but when the real Leg work was out in the streets, nobody cared who Zlatan Ibile really was. No, not really. We know from “Able God” and then the “My Body” song with Olamide, but who cares?

Zanku, however, happened to be organic. While it’s possible it’s the acronym, it’s very unlikely a word like that was pre-meditated. Because that’s the whole point, Zlatan makes the kind of you don’t sit down and write. The vibe has to flow, organically. And that is what has made stand out, so far. And brought to a point where he thinks he needs an album. Whether he really needs it or not is a story for another day. Today, we got an album waiting to be devoured, let’s focus on that!

Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us (ZANKU)
Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us (ZANKU)

It’s only that some songs he’s made in the past make the album. The worn-out Zanku (Leg Work) is here, and Shotan featuring Tiwa Savage and his major hits this year,This Year.

“Wake Up” is highlife, not even hip-hop and wouldn’t in any universe pass for ‘street music’.  The point where we ask ourselves, “okay WTF does Zanku mean?” Then, “Yeye Boyfriend” which has kind of a higher tempo than most of all Zlatan’s works. Dancing to it will totally make you mad.

As you begin to go deep into the album, and approach songs like “Sunita” and “Compulsory Course”, you start to get what the Zanku feel Zlatan has really is. It’s cool, for what it’s what. “Scopatumana” is easily the best hi tempo vibe on the album, it seems so raw.

There’s a magical chunk of it that was dedicated to posh Afro beats where Zlatan could just rap. “Shotan” with Zlatan Ibile, for example. And alsoGbeku with Burna Boy. Of course, you could gbese to these ones too, so no worry. Distracted with has a tune and story, and that’s all it is, really.

However “If You No Know” got on the album, it’s an anomaly. Could possibly be there for sentimental reasons, because of Papi Snoop and Jamo Pyper, who were featured.

“Life” is there as a hustle story, a bang Afrobeat, with Zlatan pouring his heart out, about how he ended up in Mapoly. And how his life has drastically. This is the kind of Zlatan would be making if he didn’t catch the Zanku vibe. Oladips kind of thing!

Oh, and then there’s always that gospel song somewhere. On “Adura Agba”, he tapped for the cool vibe. Not sure you could sing this in a church, but your choir master definitely won’t wonder you’re playing this on your own.

Super Power is Davido, Zlatan Ibile, and Yonda, on a gyration beat. Yonda outdid all off them, though. It’s probably just here cause Davido was on it. And the most outstanding track on this album to many would-be “Love and Gain”, a hip-hop and trap vibe, where Zlatan really showed his storytelling rap skills.

While “Ko Easy Worldwide” and “Omo Olope” are just there, the old songs did the closing job quite perfectly. Depending on what perfect means to you. To me, it means I wasn’t yawning by the time it got there. Crisp!

Rating: 3.5/5 (Fia!!)

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