Yung6ix criticizes content creators

    • Yung6ix calls out content creators.

    • Yung6ix blames content creators for failing to understand the music industry.

    Yung6ix criticizes content creators
    Yung6ix criticizes content creators

    Nigerian hip hop recording artist Onome Onokohwomo, better known by his stage name Yung6ix, has called out Nigerian content creators for failing to understand the procedure of equity in the music industry.

    Yung6ix, who has been in the United States for a while, made this statement in an Instagram live.

    He was talking about how he was looking for a graphic designer, who he promised $2500 to work on his upcoming NFT project, ‘Love and Pandemic.’

    The rapper said :

    “If you are a content creator and you feel you can create 30 artworks in a month you are going to get $1000 once we are sold out with our NFT project.
    “I’m just putting it out there because I have been trying other ways to employ people, I have gotten a solid amount on my team, but for the content creators they try to make it seem like their Nigerian problems or their problems in life is bigger than the opportunities I am presenting to them which is crazy because we all have problems.
    “Do you think me as Yung6ix I don’t have a problem? Do you think my life is perfect? If my life is perfect I won’t be on Instagram live telling you of a $3000 opportunity. No, I will pay somebody and shut the fuck up.
    “My life is not perfect and you guys don’t understand that concept. Somebody reaches out to you guys for work. Let me tell you something about music, I don’t make a dime until I have finished recording all my music, all my albums, paid artists, paid producers, paid engineers, paid a lot of people before I start performing these records to make money from it.

    “So imagine how much equity I have invested for myself to even make a dime, a dollar, like engineer gets paid before I get a dollar, the producer gets paid before I make a dollar, even my manager gets paid before me because he is the one that collects the money then he gives me my percentage so when people don’t grasp the concept of equity it breaks my heart, you bring them in on equity and they still asking for some type of funds to whatever it is that they doing.

    Yung6ix criticizes content creators
    Yung6ix criticizes content creators
    ” A lot of you guys are my friends but I am disappointed in you guys for not taking this opportunity because guess what everybody that is not Nigerian on my team has not turned me down for the equity procedure you know why because they know they are going to make more than what it is I am giving to them and what they are entitled to do you know why; every NFT that sells on the secondary market still gives ten percent back to the creators of the NFT so that means an NFT project that is worth $200,000 could rack up to 20 million dollars and you still have a million dollars not $4000 for one percent so a lot of you don’t grasp that concept but I can’t teach everybody.”

    Continuing, he said:

    “I am not as great at teaching as I am with other things like making music, maybe money and all…It is disappointing but I’m going to say this one more time if you know a super talented graphic artist that can do artwork, that can stand in any gallery that can sell for millions of dollars who is not appreciated and is doing very well and needs and opportunity to make an extra $2500 send them straight to my DM(Direct Message).
    “As soon as my NFT project ‘Love and Pandemic comes out that graphic artist is going to have a reputation for himself, he is going to have $2500 in his pocket and he is going to have more than $2500 coming to his pockets even years after now because it is a lifetime equity I’m giving to these people in my NFT project.”

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