“Youths are reflection of the society, not solution”- Seun Kuti

    Nigerian Singer/Instrumentalist, Seun Kuti shared his thoughts on the idealogy that the youths are the solution to Nigeria’s problem that is currently trending.

    "Youths are reflection of the society, not solution"- Seun Kuti
    “Youths are reflection of the society, not solution”- Seun Kuti

    While most people believe that the way forward for Nigeria is for Youths to fix the country, Seun Kuti doesn’t agree.

    In a Lengthy post he made on Instagram, he explained why. He wrote;

    “Are the youths meant to fix the education? What is the ministry of education for? The youths have to fight injustice of the government?

    What are the judiciary and legislators for? The youths are meant to protect their communities, what are the security forces there for?

    What we have in Nigeria are lazy elders who after seizing all the commonwealth and political power to build our nation are now asking the YOUTHS to do their job.

    Youth is nothing but a demographic, YOUTH IS NOT AN IDEOLOGY. The people of Nigeria must never fall for the young vs old narrative, no it’s we THE PEOPLE v the establishment and its beneficiaries. Shikena.

    Already they are trying to bribe more people by creating different avenues to share money among the young while the institutions that will FREE THE YOUTHS ARE LEFT UNATTENDED! WE THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA! #getthesax #liberationgeneration #getthesax


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