#YeyeBoyfriend: Zlatan frustrates Average Boyfriends.

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creates a new trend online, asks ladies to share” Yeye boyfriend” experiences for iPhone 11.

Zlatan Ibile

Zlatan Ibile is at it again!. This time, however, it’s in a bid to promote his latest song; “Yeye boyfriend”.

The song “Yeye boyfriend” was released 2days ago.  On the song, he talked bad about average boyfriends who are struggling to take care of their girlfriends.

Since giveaway has become the new method to gain trends on social media these days, Zlatan decided to host one

He went to twitter to ask ladies to tweet about their present and past “Yeye boyfriend ” experiences. The singer promised an iPhone 11 to the girl with the highest retweets.

Girls on Twitter held a vigil on his page yesterday night, sharing experiences, some of which may be false

Even though this can be considered a move to promote his music, how about the negative effects??

So many iPhone 11 thirsty ladies are on social media, and he knows that.

Moreover, some people actually think the giveaway is a scam as Zlatan has done something similar earlier on, but gave no reward.

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If this is a PR stunt or a prank for publicity, he might have gone too far.

Many ladies have gone out to say very mean things about their boyfriends, forgetting the harm it could bring to their various relationships.

This can also encourage some ladies to jump out of relationships they’ve worked hard to build for years, all because of money.

It can also cause pressure on the average guys working hard to make an honest living.

For the fear of being categorized as a “Yeye boyfriend”, a guy can go out of his way and commit crimes just to please his girlfriend.

Artists are supposed to be the mirror of society. They are supposed to make things better and not worse

This might be a good marketing strategy for the singer, however, is it the right one??

Well, I leave that question to you guys.

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