Wizkid FC and Icons dominating Stan Culture.

    Nigeria’s music industry has been experiencing growth in all areas, and the fandom cannot be overemphasized, the concept of this post is not to compare or contrast between Wizkid FC and the Icons.

    Wizkid FC and Icons dominating Stan Culture

    This content is simply a general measure of how the movement has gone, and the impact of the stan culture on the industry.

    Stans are extraordinarily dedicated fans, it’s a general and universal phenomenon especially with the digital advancement, unlike the early times with no social media platforms, you cant separate toxicity with stans as they won’t stop going hard or treating their favorites like gods, its normal, they are ready to attack with any possible means, such as pressurizing, threatening, bullying or frightening whoever came for their own.

    Stans play a viable role in the career of their favorite, most especially in longevity and relevance, artists with huge fandom does little in the promotion and still get good results.

    Wizkid FC and Icons dominating Stan Culture

    Over the years Wizkid FC has been ruling the stan culture as the biggest and hardest fanbase to afrobeat superstar, spreading and promoting Wizkid contents, setting the trend of stan movement in Nigeria music industry, other fanbase in Nigeria includes, 30BG, Outsiders, Savage Soldiers, Ybnl Mafias, Marlians, Ravers, and now the Icons.

    Wizkid FC and Icons dominating Stan Culture

    Laycon’s diehard fans, Icons are barely a year old in the music industry and they are already huge, and impacting tremendously to the career of their favorite, showing their strength and collective effort to uplift and engage.

    Let us talk about the advantages of huge fandom, though its a blessing and or a curse, yes! of course, stans cant be controlled, as everybody has different ways of expression, either way, it’s a win-win,


    An artist with a huge fanbase has wider coverage and influence that translate into a high degree of returns, brands always look out for this quality when considering whose eligible or fit into their goals and objectives, and thus helping the artist bag endorsement.


    This is the most important part, especially in the digital streaming era, streams metamorphose into coins directly to the artist’s bag, so more fans are equal to more money, it also a metric to measure how big a song has become.


    Some awards categories are won via popularity contests, having a big fanbase simply helps in carting awards in a voting category, every artist at some point dreams to have as many awards to its name for the records or just as bragging rights.


    An artiste with a huge fanbase doesn’t need to talk or stress over trolls or unwarranted critics, the stans are there waiting to feast on anybody that comes close, for example, Wizkid FC or Icons can practically send someone into depression or deactivate from social media.

    In conclusion, it’s an important growth in the Nigerian music industry for the emerging stan culture as they make the conversation interestingly fun.

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