With “C. Ronaldo” In, Olamide Doesn’t Seem To Be Giving Up The Throne.

    With C. Ronaldo In, Olamide Doesn't Seem To Be Giving Up The Throne. Too many insults, these days. You hear stuffs like, “Slimcase or Olamide, who’s the street king?” These stuffs make me wanna throw the fuck up. When they’re done with that, they bring Isi Ego and “Science Student,” then ask “which is a better street jam?” WTF! I understand, these days, though, there are too many people tryin’ to do street, and the fact that Slimcase been dropping too many slangs these days. Far more than the acclaimed street king. And, that shii is putting a question mark on Olamide’s street cred.

    BUT, Olamide Adedeji, who recently turned 29, is a “street boy,” and as long as he makes music, he’ll hold the streets musically. He’s an active element of the pop culture, even when it comes to fashion trends. So the challenges poised at his throne, in recent times are just nothing but challenges. BUT, fuck it, you challenge Olamide, he does your shit better than you. He’s been doing that for years. And it’s not now, baba is going to fail. Nah! It’s not too early, rather, it’s too late. Olamide is the street king, and nobody coming for that throne. King Baddo o gbodo pe me ji!

    Once again, the “WO!” rapper, comes through with a street tunes that is further meant to solidify shaku shaku.” Produced by his long time boss, ID Cabasa, the jam titled “C. Ronaldo,” is real streets. This is the best follow-up we can ever get to “Science Student.”

    C. Ronaldo, shakes off that poshy stuff on “Science Student,” and goes in hard, un-organized like a typical street jam should be. This might not be suitable for international market. Island people might scowl at the sound sef. BUT, who cares? Olamide’s here to prove that he’s the voice of the streets. So “C. Ronaldo” is a correct one.

    He taps into already popular stuffs we can relate to. For instance, the “o jigbi jigbi” on the intro reminds us of the classic “Papa Ajasco.” His reference of a couple popular people, apart from the main subject “C. Ronaldo,” further convinces us that Olamide is familiar with what is hot down here.

    C. Ronaldo, is a catchy vibe,and it’s sure gonn’ stick, like “Science Student.” Before we start getting tempted byBurn,” “Say Bye Bye” and “Yur Luv, Baddo quickly returns us to the streets.

    Ain’t nobody fucking with the wave. Nobody overthroning Olamide Baddo. C. Ronaldo is a testament.

    Rating : 4/5 (O ta lenu gan!!!)

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