Wilmer: Why Is Patoranking’s Album Release Not So Impressive?

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Okay, maybe a handful of people are searching for the album, online. But there’s no denying that the roll-out of this particular album, “Wilmer” hasn’t been what many expected. Compared to “God Over Everything” or anything Pato has dropped in the past. 24 hours after, it’s reception has been poor, so far. Funny thing, it probably has nothing to do with the music. Most likely.

Wilmer Why Is Patoranking’s Album Release Not So ImpressiveSo what happened? Or, what has happened? It’s not just something that happens in a twinkle of an eye, right? Pato’s name hasn’t fallen from the grace of five years ago, but the hype that follows his releases has been diminishing, since he went low-key, several months back. probably just wants to be that niche dancehall artist, and not just another pop singer. He definitely doesn’t want to go down the Afrobeats lane too. And all that has kept him in the shadows, where he’s been more like an underground, lately.

Spoiler: It’s not paying off for him at all.

“Wilmer” which is his sophomore studio album, came after a long wait and it’s expected to be a ‘bang’ project. That really doesn’t have anything to do with the hype, anyway. I guess the law of diminishing returns has just made the statement “a new album is on the way” a bit less striking, than it would have been a couple years back. Again, that doesn’t affect his status, or how much he’ll take for his next gig. But it does mean, maybe he’s not ready for another album. Yet.

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He had a listening party, a star-studded party to promote “Wilmer”, but hey, it’s not helping. Many celebrities present at the party aren’t even posting anything about the album. On iTunes, the album is just on number five, behind “Father Of Asahd” and even “” (can you imagine?) And, to make things worse, whose album was supposed to drop a week from now, decided to pull a stunt and drop on the same day Pato put out Wilmer. They’re cross-promoting, but guess what? ’s “Tradition” is now Number one. So it’s obviously paying off for , than Patoranking.

We can’t blame for the poor reception of Patoranking’s album, because “Tradition” is no. 1 and “Wilmer” is no. 5. Without ’s, it’s still no. 4. Not impressive for a killah artist like Pato, who once shook the nation with his projects. We can only hope it get better, and the album lives up to expectation.

Disclaimer: As at press time, the numbers on the charts in this article is correct. It’s subject to change, anytime.

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