Willy Paul: What you should know about this Kenyan artist as a fan.

    Wilson Abubakar Radildo famous as Willy Paul or Pozee is a Kenyan sweetheart; perhaps this is due to his humble nature and lack of arrogance.

    Willy paul
    Willy paul

    Every man is complex and there is no single way to define a person much less an artist. The question is how much do you know about this legendary Kenyan artist Willy Paul?

    Are you sure that what you know is all there is to know? Here are things you must know as Willy Paul’s fan because believe me in one way or the other you are.

    His life story.

    Every successful man has a painful story. Like many unfortunate youths in Africa, this young man had to drop out of school due to financial challenges and start looking for money. He did day working jobs to take care of his mother and family but this man never gave up on his dream and now the rest is history.

    Hear that fellows, School isn’t the only way out. Currently, willy Paul is the CEO of Saldido international entertainment and he’s one of the most successful artists in Kenya.

    In addition to that, he was the best male artist in the year 2013 and grove award artist of the year (2012 Afrima awards)

    Why did he swap from gospel to secular music?

    It’s a very rare occasion where a gospel artist swaps to different kinds of music flavours. Most of the time it’s due to the larger audience and better market that is present in the other kinds of music like hip-hop, R&B compared to the gospel.

    Willy Paul
    Willy Paul

    It’s nothing personal just business. In one of the interviews, Willy Paul confessed that his decision to swap was mainly because of how his fellow artists have always been against him and he received a lot of hate and how his gospel music wasn’t good enough.

    This made him break and broke to the point he became depressed for months. When he was tired of feeling pity for himself he decided to take a U-turn that changed his life.

    As a result of these actions, he was often criticized as a man who sold his soul. This is Kenya you have to pick and choose once you are a gospel singer you are already in it. The double standard in this is that secular artists are free to sing gospel or once in a while. Welcome to the confusing world!

    Willy Paul; scandals attached to the name.

    There are many scandals on Willy Paul and as you must have guessed many involve the ladies. However, the most recent is shocking. The lady who is no longer signee under the label Saldido; Miss P who has done collaborations with Willy on liar and fall in love reveled in her interviews on how willy has been sexually harassing her.

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    Willy Paul

    There were a lot of reactions some said it’s due to clout and they were about to release a song; others said it because she wants a pity party but when she said even lawyers had to get involved for her to be able to leave Saldido without any charges that’s when I knew shit is serious.

    Pozee who is married to a Jamaican lady and has a bouncing baby boy has been facing many allegations and after a time, even as fans, we get tired of defending him. However, since he’s so good at what he does music, his private life besides music is often overlooked. No man is perfect, but if you’re a famous artist you got to try!


    Pozee; Are his collaborations better than his singles?

    I guess when you are a great artist more people automatically become against you. It’s like the famous saying ‘you’ll show haters how your dog walks on water and they’ll ask why it can’t swim. Songs like ‘Jigi jigi’  that he didn’t collaborate with anyone did very great and stayed on top charts in most east African countries for weeks.

    Also, collaborations have done well as well including the one he did with Alaine ‘yes I do’ or ‘Njiwa and ‘Hallelujah’ with the African princess from Tanzania Nandy.

    Without forgetting the song ‘Mhhh’ he collaborated with RayVanny from Tanzania. Why then does this happen? My theory is he’s a great artist and everything he touches becomes gold, collaboration or not. We’ve seen a couple of collaborations flops, so people should move on from that notion.

    What else do you know about Pozee?

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