Why “StarBoy” Wizkid Will Keep Trending Over Other Artistes

    Wizkid Trending – It’s been how many years? Six, ten? That ‘the real starboy’ has been hot, without ever growing cold. It’s been quite a while, yeah. Wizkid has over the years, consistently proven himself to be a King, in this game. So many new guys have come and gone, some even seemed like threats to Wizkid’s dominance, in the afro-pop market, but none has been able to hold a candle to the multi-talented superstar.

    Why "StarBoy" Wizkid Will Keep Trending Over Other Artistes

    It’s not calculated steps, it’s just grace, uh? Maybe, but if you’re winning and kinging, among many others, it’s not just grace, you’re also doing something right. So, what is the Starboy doing right? And why is he still relevant, even after almost a decade staying atop of his game? Here’s a couple things that make him stand out, you might not have noticed.

    He Always Controls the Narrative

    The way Wizkid does his stuff, it’s either his PR Team are cool, or he’s just so brilliant. My money is on the latter. Somehow, he just does what he deems fit, ignoring trends a time, shutting up criticism nd just doing his thing.

    Take “Fever” for instance. Man had a whole of bad-ass singles without a video out already. He’s not too heavy on videos, just because some rich guys do videos to their every singles. He even let a track like “Every time” with Future go without a video.

    But the moment, the negative comments started coming in for “Fever”, Wizkid became the man with the plan. He could change the whole stuff with just something juicy, and after “Fever’ video we all caught the Wizid fever. Most people started liking the song after the video. And everything just seems to part of a plan.

    If that’s not taking control of the narrative, I don’t know what else it is.


    He’s So Humble, Isn’t He?

    Wizkid has been in the big league for so many years, but he’s just so humble. Some people always think it is a PR stuff. But really, wait? Can you fake being humble for so long? Not so sure you can. I mean, it’s kind of a subjective topic, but you’ll agree with me that some upcoming guys are even more pompous, and they show it.

    Wizkid must have played the “I’m just a small boy” game, and earned the respect of so many industry veterans, worldwide. Big guys like Drake, Future, Nicki, Skepta and Maphorisa wouldn’t even wanna hang-out with someone who feel ‘on top of the world’. And the list of the guys he’s worked with is just endless, 2baba, Masterkraft, Sarz, Phyno, Olamide, and even upcoming guys like LK Kuddy, Mystro. You just know guy definitely got good vibes!

    Fela Spirit

    Oh, damn!, you were hoping I wouldn’t say that. Sorry but isn’t it just obvious. He may not be singing about the government like the late Legend, but he definitely got the energy. Influenced by the great Fela, he also has a creative way of sampling Fela’s music. Songs like “Sweet Love”, “Jaiye Jaiye”, “Ghetto Youths” and so on, all have the Fela vibe.

    Fela is a big influence on the new Afrobeats sound, no doubt, and that’s why guys who have constantly tapped into his music for inspiration, often get attention. Burna Boy, Falz, et al. This is probably one of the reasons he’ll always be relevant. The weed too, is something!


    Guess who else is a boss ‘cause of versatility? Olamide! Being able to maneuver different sounds, across different genres is a skill, not a talent. And Wizkid has got that. Afro, hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, name it, Wiz got you covered. That’s why “Sounds From The Other Side” came through effortlessly – he already had the vibe he needed. He can be Bob Marley or Fela or Wiz Khalifa, when you need him to be. Tell me how anyone is ever gonn’ match him!


    Wizkid has everything he wants, but he’s still working his ass off, creating new music, touring the world, and collaborating. Remember the time he just returned to Nigeria, after SFTOS, he had a recording spree with Masterkraft, and dropped three singles in a matter of weeks. Even these days, he just comes through with two singles at a time. That’s all proof of the man’s hard work. It’s paying off and will keep paying off, as long as the king continues to make music!


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