Why some consider Wizkid as a pompous musician

These are possible reasons why some consider the most pompous Nigerian musician of all time.

Recently there was an outrage over a song dedicated to titled Machala, and that’s why some consider him a pompous entertainer.

People have been criticizing for not reposting Carter Efe’s tribute song to him or even acknowledging it after it was released.

Why some consider Wizkid as a pompous musician
Why some consider as a pompous musician

I’ve heard the widely anticipated parallels between and Wizkid. To begin with, is Wizkid, and is Davido.

Imagine as that guy who, while relaxing, undoubtedly leaves his phone unattended for hours. On the other hand, is a people person. is often fiddling with his phone.

I think there is no justification for making such a comparison because I recognize the beauty of these two characters.

referring to the song by Machala. Nobody should, in my opinion, feel ENTITLED to Wizkid’s reposting of the song.

Yes, the song romanticizes Big Wiz, but perhaps he doesn’t find the song appealing, perhaps his quiet is purposeful in order to gauge the song’s development before he reposts.

Examine his body language on social media; he hardly ever interacts, hardly ever posts, and on his birthday, he doesn’t even mention himself or his accomplishments.

And I observe that he is being called PROUD for this, particularly when people contrast him with Davido. Nah. To believe that everyone ought to be like is unfair.

Keeping up with stardom requires a lot of mental effort! Being an A-list star requires a lot to keep current and consume media.

is making an effort because it is exhausting. That Wizkid can’t just do it may be due to espionage. Some folks can’t handle being featured on an instablog.

They’ll simply panic. I don’t know Wizkid well enough to understand why he behaves the way he does, but it’s always simple to criticize from a distance.

Maybe would have reposted and promoted the song if it had been him. That’s right there, and Wiz is a separate person.

This is a part of the unjust pressure you guys place on celebrities to perform in a specific way. They share the same mortality as everyone else, thus their humanity should not be diminished.

They claim Wizkid doesn’t support those who are close to him. I’m unaware of it since I’ve come to realize that people only reveal information that they want you to know.

Additionally, everyone has distinct goals. publicly assists others, and that is acceptable. Perhaps Wizkid is different.

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