Why Olamide Should Never be Compared with Dagrin

    Twitter users had earlier today compared YBNL boss Olamide with late Ogun state rapper Dagrin.

    Why Olamide Should Never be Compared with Dagrin
    Late Dagrin

    Dagrin who was a sensation of his time with the release of songs like pon pon, File and other hit tracks also had a lot of collaborations with other trendy artists.

    Though presently not alive the then king of the street who spent little time in fame could arguably be pointed out as the brain behind the acceptance of Yoruba rap in Nigeria.


    I know you might want to start thinking about artists Like Lord of Ajasa… but Dagrin was the rap artist that made indigenous Yoruba hip hop and rap to become acceptable in the Nigerian music industry.

    Mp3bullet will explain in subsequent paragraphs why Olamide should bever be compared with Dagrin.


    Dagrin Made Indigenous Rap to be Accepted in the Music Industry

    Before the entrance of Dagrin into the Nigerian music industry,  Nigeria music lovers paid less attention to music artist who sang in native dialect as they were just turning from loving foreign artists like Akon and Micheal Jackson to listening to songs from Psquare,  Eldee amongst other legendary artists.


    Yes, there were very few indigenous artists who were trying to gain ground in the Nigerian music scene like Lord of Ajasa but failed to as it was their collaborations that made them known.

    Why Olamide Should Never be Compared with Dagrin

    Though artist like 9ice who are not rappers made waves with indigenous Yoruba songs like Gongo Aso, it was Dagrin’s rise to stardom that started turning people to love indigenous Yoruba rap.


    So our first pinpoint is that Olamide is thriving on the foundation that Dagrin laid before transiting to the great beyond.

    So it will be wrong and very disrespectful to compare Olamide with Dagrin.

    There are chances that Olamide Would not be this Popular if Dagrin was Alive

    This is another very salient point that Mp3Bullet.ng cannot do without talking about. Olamide who has been doing music long before the death of Iconic Indigenous rapper Dagrin but did not rise to stardom until after Dagrin passed on.

    Can we explain this to mean that Olamide needed Dagrin to move so that he will have the chance to shine?… yes.


    Just like it happens in football, a team might have a player of 12 with one of the player being the starman, but once he leaves another player from the same team he left might rise to be the team’s next starman, that is also how it is in the music industry.

    So there were every chance that Olamide who had been doing music even before Dagrin died might not have risen to stardom if Dagrin was to be alive.

    Dagrin is Dead and Olamide is Buzzing so Comparison is very Unnecessary

    it will be very unnecessary to compare Dagrin who did not spend much time in stardom before transiting to the great beyond with Olamide who has spent over 10 years in the music industry and is still counting.


    If you try to force a comparison a lot of questions will remain unanswered. because Dagrin did not have the privilege of spending much time as Olamide has.

    Olamide a Living Legend

    It is also very important to note that the YBNL boss who has been in the game for 10 years and counting has helped a lot of artists to rise to stardom.

    Artists who have risen to stardom on the platform of the YBNL boss includes Adekunle Gold, Blazing hot Fireboy DML, Chinko Ekun, Lil Kesh, Victor amongst other artists

    Though he did not pioneer the indigenous rap, Olamide is part of the artists that has kept indigenous rap up and alive as he had also been supporting artist to rise to fame.

    Having spent 10 years and still releasing hit back to back, Olamide has proven to be a Living Legend as his latest album #999EP was to notch.

    So Guys what are your opinions on this is comparison really necessary?

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