Why no African musician can ever defeats Wizkid in Twitter polls

    This is obviously why no African musician can ever defeats Wizkid on Twitter polls in Africa and relatively worldwide.

    Wizkid’s fandoms population on social media, especially on Twitter are contributing to the globalization of the sound digitally even if some might consider them overly obsessive.

    Wizkid has very strong following on twitter called Wizkid FC, they are so large in numbers that they can any most of the twitter polls organised that include Wizkid, they can literally battle any fanbase, and no fanbase in africa can outnumber them.

    Why no African musician can ever defeats Wizkid in Twitter polls
    Why no African musician can ever defeats Wizkid in Twitter polls

    Fanbase that can take them are few, which include the BTS army and other notable large fanbase around the world.

    for example, Wizkid was pitched against the legendary Jamaican  king Vybz Kartel according to popular online Magazine “Nosignal Live”.

    As you can imagine each of these pairings has their own horde of devoted stans in their respective corners, so the TL was truly set ablaze last night with the epic tussle on the airwaves between Wiz and Vybz, as each track was spun to 80,000 plus listeners.

    Joie, the clash representative for Wizkid, swept the board with perfect 10-0 victory in the ten rounds of hit song match-ups. Each time, the FC made sure there was some separation between Wizkid’s big songs that were played and Vybz Kartel’s.

    Votes for the song of each round were collected from the public via Twitter poll.

    The big story following the match was the unwavering, boisterous devotion Wizkid continues to inspire from his stan collective, even though it was fun trip down memory lane for Afropop fans and an opportunity to celebrate two global superstars for impartial onlookers.

    If you look past the unrelenting desire to win, on night when Wizkid performed popular songs like “Pakurumo” and “Jaiye,”

    On paper, this kind of “fan love” looks straightforward, but if you pay even passing attention, you’ll realize that the FC’s operations have few layers. T

    he main thesis is straightforward, Wizkid excels in everything he undertakes.

    However, there are many facets to supporting that core, and they include – but are not limited to – obsessing over everything (and literally anything) that has to do with the singer, amplifying every single milestone, rallying support for every release (both new and old), and hunting down every dissenting or unfavorable opinion about Wizkid and swallowing it with counter-comments to trump any competing comment.

    Identification as member of the FC and participation in some or all of

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