Why Naira Marley Should not be Compared with Obesere

    In recent times twitter had gone agog over the comparison of Legendary Nigerian artist Obesere to Naira Marley, Mp3Bullet.ng will in the cause of the post explain why Naira Marley should not be compared with Obesere.


    Obesere who is not from this generation was a sensation during his era gained the love of his generation with releases like Apple Juice Egungun be careful amongst other very interesting Jamz released by the Fuji legend. Not only was he know for his type of songs which Naira Marley has seemingly adopted, but he was also a sensation to both the young and old.

    To adequately convince you as to why you shouldn’t compare Naira Marley with the Legendary singer, Mp3bullet.ng will do a comparison of a track of Naira Marley that is similar to Obesere’s hit track.

    Why Naira Marley Should not be Compared with Obesere
    Naira Marley

    Naira Marley’s Puta vs Obesere’s Apple Juice

    A Major reason why Naira Marley should not be compared with Obesere is that like  Cynthian Morga’s famous song everything that Naira Marley wants to do Obesere don did it.

    A typical example is much celebrated Naira Marley’s Puta where Naira Marley was analysing the backside of Nigerian women, Obesere did a very much in-depth analysis of the ass in his apple juice track released sometimes in…

    In terms of being the dirty talker, Obesere had been talking dirty ever before Naira Marley dreamt of doing music.

    So it will be disrespectful to the Fuji Legend tom say that he was the Naira Marley of his time but it will be very adequate to say that Naira Marley is an Obesere wannabe because he has not gotten to the level of Obesere in dirty talking.

    SO the twitter comparison of Obesere with Naira Marley is a very wrong comparison as Obesere has been a legend from time past.

    Comparison between Naira Marley and Obesere can come up when any of Niara Marley’s track trends decades  after its, just like Egungun be careful

    Watch Obesere Apple Juice Video:


    Watch Naira Marley Puta Video:


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