Why Kizz Daniel’s “Eko” is more than just another Lagos-themed track.

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First, let’s say this is a review. But if I had done a 1-listen review, the day the song dropped, weeks ago, it would have started with something in the lines of “this is shit, man.”

Why Kizz Daniel's "Eko" is more than just another Lagos-themed track.Remember the last time any one did a song paying homage to Lagos, oh, no you can’t remember. But I can assure you, it’s not been long. You only can’t remember because the idea is clichéd. Old old Lagos. We don’t care if hustlers are in Lagos, they are everywhere too.

That was probably have been my first reaction when I heard  “Eko.” It’s not important now, though. Cause some songs just stick, they’re called ear-worms. They are not ordinary songs, they are bangers, and they become hits. And they’re mostly songs with messages (not necessarily , anyway.)

So, a few days after I first listened to “Eko”, I caught myself singing it, involuntarily. After having listened to it just once. Because it’s actually likeable and it’s got a good vibe that keeps replaying itself.

definitely has one magic effect he adds to his music, that you can’t get anywhere else. But you’ll need more than magic to create a hit, huh. Something like that.

He could have done it on some heavy Afro vibe (Phil would have reconstructed the instrumental anyway), but it was a minimalistic beat, with only percussions, and he kept it simple. He ran his back-up vocals, himself and probably did the song in two takes – there’s no so much you can edit in that track. Everything is simple, so you’ll wonder why every damn song about Lagos doesn’t sound like that?

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“Eko” isn’t just another song, to get to perform at One Lagos Fiesta, or when Sanwoolu is commissioning something, somewhere. That’s why Kizz wasn’t selling you Lagos, saying the metropolitan state got the best roads or beautiful attractions, and all that. He was street “if you no fit wise for Lagos, you no fit wise anywhere”. A few chants of “Eko leleyi, Eko lawa” here and there, and the song is done.

Worthy of note, since his “No Bad Songz” album, he’s reduced his tempo drastically. From JatoFuck You”, “Poko” and “Madu.” “Eko” isn’t an exception, at a time every one is assuming people want to groove, and hi-tempo jams are in the air, Kizz doesn’t care. But still “Eko” has all the street-pop elements.

Maybe it’s not on the top of your playlist (yet), but the vibe can’t be killed, so the song will keep shoving itself in your face. And then, in your head. Until you just find out that you actually like it. Boom, it’s on the streets and on the airwaves.

The official video has been released, and the colourful (not really, they were just wearing white) visuals showcases Lagos, in the best possible way the camera can do it. And there’s really so many people. It should already be No. 1, on your TV. You can’t resist, that’s the upside.

Rating: 4/5

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