Why Everyone Wants Davido’s Private Phone Number

While we are going to be taking a delve from our normal Nigeria songs reviews, for today we will be looking at possible reasons why everyone wants Davido Private phone number.


It is no that Davido owns one of the biggest labels in Nigeria and Africa at large. While a lot of artists have risen to on his platforms, Davido remains one of the artists that have touched a lot of lives across the country.

Mp3 bullet.ng had earlier reported how Davido Wife Chioma in a recent development debunked rumours of breaking up with the songster after he unfollowed everyone on Instagram.

With not only Davido songs doing well in the space, but the singer has also been doing very well with blessing Nigerians with his wealth.

Born to the Adeleke Family, one of the richest families in Osun state, Davido who recently moved to his Banana Island apartment, has done a lot not just for his artists but his domestic staffs.

Helping Father DMW to Get Famous


Father DMW who used to be Davido’ gateman before becoming popular and is currently a social media influencer with the help of Davido.  The guy who used to be a Bike rider before becoming Davido’ gateman would never have expected to get the and popularity he got with the help of Davido. Unlike other bosses who put their staffs in their place, Davido has seemed to build a very good relationship with his staffs as they do not only work for him but they also work with him.

Davido set to Move Into His Luxury Banana Island Apartment

Building a House for His staff


In a recent occurrence, the DMW boss Davido had earlier in the year built a house for his staffs, something rarely done by any label boss. it will be recalled that MP3bullet had earlier in the reported the news of the house he built for his staffs. Asides from building a house for his staffs, Mp3bullet.ng had today reported how Davido bought a car for his crew member.

Aloma who has also been a benefactor of Davido’ generosity in a recent event revealed that he will prefer to be Davido’ Personal assistant than working as a bank manager. Aloma whose first encounter with Davido got him a gift of 1 million Naira has since then been a constant benefactor of Davido’s generosity. Aloma now owns a record label with artists signed under him.

Gifting the Artists that Drew him and Wizkid 1 Million Naira 


Another notable good deed of Davido was gifting the graphics artist that photoshopped his picture with that of Wizkid. The graphic artist who impressed Davido with the editing work he did on a picture of Wizkid and Davido might not have been expecting to get a cash gift of 1 million naira from Davido. However, the singer shooked the young graphic artist with 1 million Naira credit alert,  the biggest amount the artists have ever received for a work of art.

Davido’ Fan Bought Tricycyle from 1 Million Naira Gift received from Davido

One of Davido’ many good deeds was a fan that he gifted the sum of 1 million naira. while a lot of have benefited from Davido benevolence, another notable benefactor was a fan who used the gift he got from Davido to purchase a Keke Napepe.


Though it will be very impossible for us to mention all the lives that Davido has touched from just a DM, or a meeting the singer who has done so much for people might have been getting the attention of many Nigerians.

The Major reasons why Nigerians are in search of his private number is because of his generosity not just to people he knows, but also to strangers who he met for the first time like Aloma, father DMW and the fan he gifted that got a tricycle with the cash he gifted him.

Another reason why people are searching for  Davido private phone number is to get signed to his record label DMW, as there are many talented artists out there without either a record label at all or a good record label.

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