Why Burna Boy Shouldn’t be compared with Wizkid & Davido

    Burna boy recently tagged himself the greatest after Fela in Nigeria music scene ahead of Wizkid, Davido and others.

    Burna Boy

    Following his nomination at the 2020 grammy awards where he lost to Angelina Kidjo, Burna Boy declared himself Naija’s best after Fela.

    His declaration sparked a lot of reactions from twitter users who felt that there were other Nigerian artists who had achieved greater feats than Burna Boy who many belives is still very fresh in his music career.

    The name of the musical artist that most twitter users alleged to be greater than Burnaboy was Wizkid and Davido.


    With regards to this, Mp3bullet.ng in subsequent paragraphs will point out why Burna Boy should not be compared to Wizkid and Davido.

    • Davido Vs Burna Boy

    Burna boy who just recently broke to limelight is no doubt 2018/2019’s artist as he had a commendable year from winning BET International act award in 2019 and getting nominated for 2020 which he lost to Angelique Kidjo.

    Why Burna Boy Shouldn’t be compared with Wizkid & Davido

    However using that two years to say he is greater than Davido and Wizkid might be a very wrong statement as the duo have not only stayed in the Naija music scene for long but had been at the forefront of Nigeria’s music industry.

    Davido whose Good Time album recently hit Platnuim should be competing for the Naija Afrobeat King title with Wizkid without Burna Boy being in the picture because the pair of Wizkid and Davido could be likened to Messi and Ronaldo.


    With Burna Boy being the Zlatan Ibrahimovic who derives pleasure in making much noise from little feats he achieves and tagging himself the best footballer alive. Football lovers can relate.

    The fact that Burna boy self crown’s himself as the African giant doesn’t make him the African giant, because if he was to actually be Africa’s giant he will not have lost the Grammies to Kidjo, Just saying.

    But the major point is it is too early to compare Burnaboy to Davido who has been in the music scene for long.

    He should spend as much time as Davido has spent and still be as relevant as Davido today before you can start comparing.

    He cannot stand the 30 billion Gang boss in Achievements, well maybe not yet.

    • Wizkid vs Burna Boy

    Wizkid who is very popular for his international collaboration should not be compared to Burnaboy because asides from the fact that Wizkid had spent more time in the Naija music scene, he had been winning awards and been having international collabo’s.

    Why Burna Boy Shouldn’t be compared with Wizkid & Davido

    Wizkid who came into the music scene with Holla at your boy in 2011 had since then been releasing back to back without fading off.

    Being in the music scene for about 9 years, Wizkid should be compared with Davido alone because they both tend to follow each other in trends.


    A perfect example was when Drake featured Wizkid in Come Closer and Beyonce featured Wizkid in Brown Skin girl, Davido further went on to feature Chris Bown in Blow my Mind.

    So if at all any comparison should be made it should be between Wizkid and Davido because they have been shinning for long, not Burnaboy.

    • Facts don’t Lie

    The first point is that Wizkid had been winning awards before the coming of Davido and Burnaboy

    Despite that Burna Boy had been around for a long time, the fame and awards were massive just recently in  2018/2019.

    Grammy nomination does not make him Naija greatest as Sikiru Adepoju had won the category he was nominated for, with Femi Kuti being nominated thrice and Seun Kuti bagging one Nomination.

    Wizkid and Davido have been gaining recognitions out there before Burna Boy, Yet they are still making waves and not relenting.

    Finally, despite the fact that the closest comparison to Wizkid is Davido, Wizikid can be regarded as a legend, even though Davido is in the process, is Burna boy worthy of the title?

    Maybe he will get there after staying relevant as long as Wizkid and Davido have stayed.

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