Why A “Made In Africa Album” by Fireboy DML ft. Wizkid, Tems, Nasty C, Buju, Sarkodie, Angelique would be a big deal.

    Have you ever wondered what it would take to have Fireboy DML feature Wizkid, Tems, and a host of others on an album titled “Made In Africa“?

    Why A “Made In Africa Album” by Fireboy DML ft. Wizkid, Tems, Nasty C, Buju, Sarkodie, Angelique would be a big deal.
    Why A “Made In Africa Album” by Fireboy DML ft. Wizkid, Tems, Nasty C, Buju, Sarkodie, Angelique would be a big deal.

    Taking a close look at the artiste, Fireboy DML, Mp3bullet.ng brandishes a host of reasons why having a “Made In Africa” album featuring superstars, Wizkid, Sarkodie, Nasty C, Angelique Kidjo, and Tems will be a real deal!

    Who is Fireboy DML?

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    Why A “Made In Africa Album” by Fireboy DML ft. Wizkid, Tems, Nasty C, Buju, Sarkodie, Angelique would be a big deal.

    Adedamola Adefolahan identified with the stage name Fireboy DML is one of the raving musical sensations who has been on the global radar for a couple of years.

    The YBNL star gained his breakthrough with his popular hit, ‘Jealous” in 2018 and since then has been on the A-list.

    In 2019, the talented vocalist dropped his debut album under his imprint titled, Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps.

    A year later, he returned with another awesome album titled, “Apollo“, which propelled him to greater spaces and earned him multiple awards.

    For a great class of audience, Fireboy’s relevance can be attributed to the kind of sound and lyrical content he produces.

    The OAU scholar in an exclusive chat with OkayAfrica revealed how he is intentional about his lyrics stating;

    “This person takes time to be very intentional about the lyrics, which Afrobeats is not really known for.”

    Likewise, he goes further to address the kind of Afro sound he makes as he calls his, Afro-life.

    You would agree with us that the new wave of accepted artists has a lot to put in when delivering vocally. That enrapture sonorous voice which captures your mind and soul in a song is a real deal and can be versatile with any other sound!

    Over time, Fireboy has proven to possess this attribute and can encapsulate any audience or get featured and still deliver. Thus, the reason he is Mp3bullet.ng first pick for this type of project.

    Why the project title is Made In Africa

    For a big shot like Fireboy with great potential, he has always ascribed his uniqueness to being “different.”

    The Afropop splash who has described his music to Afro-Life explains what makes him different in a chat with VMan stating;

    “I’m an Afrobeat/Afropop artist, but my own take on Afrobeats and Afropop is different. It’s more lyric-wise, there’s more effort on lyricism. There’s more effort on soul.” 

    The Made In Africa title slightly sounds similar to what many identify as Made In Lagos by Wizkid.

    However, this is nothing of such, because the artists featured on this one are picked from a wide range of successful African musicians.

    The distinguish pick is as a result of impacts each artist has had on his or her genre and African music growth.

    A lot has been established on their music soils and having an Afro-Life with a taste of these crackers would mean a great creation.

    Thus, putting the name, Made In Africa!

    Why did we pick these features?

    As revealed earlier, the reasons for picking these features are basically from their wide range of success and impact; from the genre they promote and the solid impact on African Music.

    Starting from Wizkid;

    Wizkid's essence cracks top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

    Starboy Entertainment’s frontier is one rare gem the Nigerian music Industry would never forget.

    For over a decade of consistency and growth, Wizkid is arguably the biggest exporter of Afrobeat in Nigeria!

    From Headies to Grammy Awards, Wizkid has proved himself beyond reasonable doubt the kind of impact he will gnash on this album!

    Secondly, Burna Boy;

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    Burna Boy

    Like his counterpart, Wizzy, Burna is another Grammy holder whose dynamism is unmatched.

    His imprint on some songs like Master KG‘s Jerusalema, and the most recent, Yaba Buluku by DJ Tarico speaks of audacity!

    He has mastered the act of bettering any sound he is given, which of course makes him a strong contender on this album.

    Thirdly, Nasty C;

    The 10 Most-Streamed South African Artists and Songs on Spotify so far
    Nasty C

    The top South African young rapper is another great force to reckon with.

    For close to a decade of relevance, the rap game in Africa has evolved drastically and much help is gotten from this wordsmith.

    From being the Best Freshman in 2015 to the BET Awards nominee, we are certain he will bring justice to the album.

    Fourth, Buju;


    Like Fireboy, Buju is another raving star who has carved a niche for himself in this ever-challenging game.

    He has successfully cracked a hard rock and gotten an identifiable voice for his career. His melody with Fireboy’s will definitely tally considering how the duo blends in their dynamism.

    In fact, he hopped on the singer’s tune “Peru” and made a cover, which is as stunning as the original.

    In all honesty, we are sure the world would love to have them on a song together.

    Fifth, Sarkodie;

    Recap of Sarkodie’s international awards and nominations

    This rap mogul is another legend who hails from Ghana and would have a big bite on this project.

    The name is certainly not new, nor his achievements, but his collaboration with this youngster will make the difference.

    Yes, he has all the punchlines and charisma for the song, adding a bit of Fireboy’s hook would be magic!

    Sixth, Angelique Kidjo;

    Angélique Kidjo artistry personified as a creative legend on 'Mother Nature' [Review]
    Angélique Kidjo
    Hails from the Bene Republic, this veteran promoter of African culture and music would become another banger!

    With four Grammy Awards, this kind of feature on the project will be a mother-to-child soft groove!

    Sincerely, I can’t wait to hear both sounds on a beat!

    Lastly, we have Tems;


    Finally, there is Tems who has also attained the global height through her hook on Wizkid’s “Essence.” From Damages to Drake‘s Fountains, having a Tems vocal on your album would mean more recognition!

    Accomplishments/ Impacts

    When a project like this comes into play, there is so much to expect from it. It varies from a wide range of acceptance, influence, production, and global distribution.

    The major importance which is the influence has been taken care of because the features on it speak of great authority; thus great influence = great audience!

    Also, we have the acceptance which is certainly not a major problem considering the personae of the artists involved.

    Then, for the production, serial hitmakers from the likes of Pheelz, Young John, and a host of others have a lot to do. We are sure they would deliver!

    Lastly, we have the distribution company, which we are certain Empire and YBNL has it all figured out!

    Now, it will not be a surprise if this project bags several nominations because everything that encompasses music would surface from this project.

    For Fireboy, it will be the dawn and the forceful channel to his global dreams. More rooms for such will erupt and surely a new sound of things will be adopted.

    Not much will be said if there’s any flop because a wide range of advantages have overshadowed the obstacles.


    Mp3bullet.ng understands that creation is the birth of something from nothing, hence if such a project should emerge, it would be the project of the year!

    A reflection of the African music culture and a taste of virtually every sound and genre on an appropriate album would be the adopted culture and change.

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