What Cardi B’s Show In Lagos Means To The Nigerian Music Industry

    Popular American rapper; Cardi B set to Visit Nigeria For the first time for a December Concert, See what this means to our music industry

    What Cardi B's Show In Lagos Means To The Nigerian Music Industry
    Cardi B

    For the past few years, all we had was our top celebrities go out to different parts of the world to hols concerts.

    During these times, Nigeria was never a venue of top foreign acts to visit and host their music events.

    2019 is, however, a turning point, as Nigeria hs gained ground in the International eye, and has been considered a place worth touring by these international music stars.

    Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the well known American female rapper; Cardi B, would be holding a concert here in Lagos on the 7th of December.

    This announcement sparked a lot of reactions from many Nigerians because no one had imagined such a dream would come through so soon.

    Her show in Lagos surely means a lot to us, but before we go to that, let’s talk about  Cardi B a bit;

    Who is Cardi B

    Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar  aka Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, actress, and television personality

    Hailing from The Bronx, New York, Cardi B started to get famous in 2015, when she appeared on a reality show; Love & Hip Hop: New York.

    However, she left the show in 2017,  to pursue music full time.

    That same year, she released her first hit, single “Bodak Yellow” through Atlantic Records, which topped almost all billboard charts, broke the internet, and got her the world’s attention.

    in 2019 she won a Grammy for her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, and is married to Migos group member Offset.

    Cardi B bags a Grammy award

    Ever since her arrival, the self-acclaimed “Queen of the Bronx” continued to top several charts and drop several other hits like; “I like it“, “Be careful”, and “Press”.

    Seeing how much of a superstar she is, no one expected her to pay a visit of a long-forgotten continent when it comes to touring around the world. Especially Nigeria and Ghana.

    Live sport X Festival: The queen cometh

    Cardi B‘s show is to be organized by Livespot X, the entertainment division of Livespot360

    The festival which is themed “Livespot X Festival” is set to hold on the 7th of December by 5 pm, at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island.

    She is also going to be performing in Accra Ghana on the 8th, being the next day.

    Why Cardi B’s visit is exciting

    Although we have seen other top US celebrities like 50 Cent, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Major Lazer and so forth visit Nigeria, Cardi B’s visit causes an extremely different excitement.

    The music star no doubt has a massive fan base, not just because of her music, but for her unique personality too.

    In , most of her songs, she inspires women, especially young ladies, teaches them independence, preaches liberation, and so on.

    Nigerians are highly influenced by their love of American pop culture, and she is a definition of that.

    Let us not forget her constant use of contagious catchphrases and vocal inventions like ‘Okurrrrr” is  a core part of Nigerian pop culture.

    What cardi B’s visit means to the Nigerian music industry

    In arguably, Cardi’s visit has created awareness amongst other international music heavyweights and has given them a course to consider hosting their won shows here too.

    I mean think about this, few weeks after Cardi B’s planned arrival was announced, Popular US rapper; Future, has also decided to headline his own concert here in Nigeria!.

    I’m sure by now you understand where I’m driving at

    It has also used the Nigerian music industry as a tool for reviving global entertainment in Africa.

    Think of it, she’s coming to Nigeria, then to Ghana. We all know how relevant the Nigerian industry when it comes to African entertainment as a whole. Thus, our industry is opening doors for other African countries.

    On this note, I’m sure you understand how relevant Cardi B’s Visit to Lagos this December is

    So, my fellow Nigerian music lovers, don’t be surprised, when you hear that other top acts  Beyonce, or Taylor Swift are planning to host a concert here in Nigeria by 2020.

    We’re global guys!!!




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