Watch as Nigerian Lady avoids Dababy as he attempts to kiss her

    • Dababy gets curved by a Nigerian fan after trying to kiss her

    • Nigerian Lady dodges Dababy as he tries to kiss her.

    Watch as Nigerian Lady avoids Dababy as he attempts to kiss her
    Watch as Nigerian Lady avoids Dababy as he attempts to kiss her

    American rapper, Dababy is in the news again after a Nigerian Lady curved while he was attempting to kiss her.

    DaBaby is a contentious character in hip hop, yet his fans stick with him, and he always expresses gratitude for their unwavering support.

    There are moments, though, when the rapper goes overboard with his followers.

    The North Carolina rapper was in Lagos, Nigeria to shoot a music video with Davido have been having a great time during his stay and the residents are ecstatic to see in person.

    However, DaBaby got a little too comfortable with a female fan in this particular instance.

    On Tuesday (May 17), footage of DaBaby hanging out in his car among a swarm of fans trying to obtain a photo of surfaced online.

    In the clip, the rapper throws up the peace sign, and as he’s posing, he sees a woman that instantly catches his eye.


    DaBaby appears out of nowhere and tries to kiss the unsuspecting woman, but moves out of the way just as he makes contact.


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    A similar incident occurred last month when DaBaby attempted to lock lips with a fan outside a musical venue and was dragged by supporters for being curved.

    To fight back against the trolls, the 30-year-old took to Instagram and uploaded a video from that night that recounted the entire story.

    DaBaby and a fan hug in his video, and the rapper then attempt to kiss her friend. The rapper the friend refused the kiss because he had already blown a kiss somewhere.

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