Wande Coal is Legendary: Kill Skepticism, Listen “Again”.

    Oluwatobi Wander Ojosipe, a veteran Nigerian singer popularly known as Wande Coal; aka Black Diamond, is such a distinct one who’s found a way to driving great joy through the outstanding act.

    Wande Coal is Legendary: Kill Skepticism, Listen “Again”.
    Wande Coal

    His deliveries are exotic types and monumental jewels, his vibes dished priceless, embodied with coats of the legendary crest which you’d desire to hold on, feel and wear to decorate your vain body. Apply on them “his vibes” which relish one gracious dance moves and also cerebral pose.

    Wande Coal, a raw talent who’s been looked down, attached with skepticism. Listen again, coal’s too exotic to cast your strides of unbelief. He is black, and he is a diamond. His vibes are luster. He’s worth more accolades, reshape your view and accept the legend he becomes for more than a decade, still present doing awesome art consistently.

    Wande Coal is one of the icons, his amongst the fathers of good gbedu, according to Wizkid who states “for the gbedu I be father ooh.” That’s what Coal’s all about.

    Legendary, as he goes along and assembles tunes to fit accordingly, apparently he has chronicled one of the best tones that have blot happiness from the hearts of listeners. “Iskaba”, “So Mi So”, “Again” “Ode Lo Like”, “Baby Face”, “Bumper2Bumper”, “Baby Hello”,” Turkey Nla”, etc.

    He does absolute sonic construct following up his tunes, and it goes with labels of deft makeups. Although he is also one respected act who never goes a year without dripping something exclusive to fans, his singles are very notable and leap lasting effects. Very intriguing and lovable to console.

    Wande Coal’s practically legendary, an act who’s chronicled one of the best Afro-pop, and R&B classics; although his “Again” vibe is a thick power-house, its an unfading collection of delivery kept handy. Like a sweet candy, and it never stops by but only describes his prowess and coats of magnificent dexterity.

    Wande, is killing it single handed and you feel reluctant about this living legend? Why could you, why do tend to distort his irreplaceable and irrevocable abilities? Why shouldn’t he stomp his feet full on the hall of fame with multiple recognition which simply he deserves?

    He’s not got all he needs to cross over the Jordan of your skepticism? What is your requirement, name them because there’s none as weighty for legendary talented Black Diamond to purchase.

    He is weighty and his vibes the same, which would continue to relish your soul, think twice. listen again – Wande Coal’s legendary and I hope I’m the first person to believe his next studio project would storm the yard.

    Legends do it differently, and executive. Say hello to legendary Black Diamond.

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