VIC – Ocean's Music + Swag Demonstration

    Mic Cheque Cover

    Ocean’s Music is a feel good song that is sure to get your dopamine flowing. Vic sings and raps about the feeling we get after several shots of alcohol when all your troubles just suddenly disappear and you feel like you’re floating.

    Vic gives a little demo of his lyrical prowess here and he does it with a lot of finesse. Swag Demonstration is a painting of Vic’s lifestyle with rap bars. Pure artistry! Hope you get the picture

    VIC! That’s his name and that’s all you need to know about his personal life, which he prefers to keep discreet, for now. His music on the other hand is what you should focus on, listen to and enjoy.

    Over the next few weeks VIC will be releasing music from his MIC CHEQUE mixtape; an experimental compilation of rap and R&B sounds containing some of the best lyrical content ever delivered in Africa. Period!

    Vic’s music is for real hip hop fans. If hip hop is not really your thing, please do not press play. For the hip hop heads, get ready for GOOSEBUMPS!!!


    Ocean’s Music [DOWNLOAD]

    Swag Demonstration [DOWNLOAD]

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