Vector just dropped the bomb on M.I Abaga, is he winning?

    M.I Abaga said some real truth on his verse on “The Purification.

    For instance, he said he’s not getting any appreciation, and that what he’s doing for the rap game could be called “charity, poverty alleviation.” Deep, but it’s true. Like when he also said he made it ‘Safe’ in 2008, but all he sees these days is hate, we all felt that. But you know what we would feel more? Someone who could roast him.

    Truth be told, all the guys who have dissed MI on tracks, in the past are quacks, who won’t even make the top 10 when it comes to rap skills. Except for maybe when Olamide was still a rapper. So, chance or not I don’t know and I don’t care, but M.I has gotten away with all of the subliminal shots he’s thrown over the years.

    We understand that Blaqbonez is coming up, he can do whatever he likes, pull a Kendrick Lamar on us all, no problem. But what happens though, when someone who is considered a legend is becoming too cocky? Nah, we ain’t gonna ask our sisters why M.I is too cocky, we’re just gonna put VEC in the booth, and watch “The Hunger Games.”

    First off, this conversation is deeper than what’s on the surface right now. M.I’s “You Rappers Should Fix It Up” is a piece that has dealt with the conscience of many rappers, and it’s been two years. It started this whole conversation. Or better still, reopened it. Even Blaqbonez’s career started when he did his reply to M.I. So it’s not actually fair if everyone goes dumb.

    The problem is, though, you get the Blaqbonez to get in the booth, but you can’t get Olamide to stop doing his shit. Man still did Science Student”, one of the biggest street jams and a couple of other shaku-shaku vibes. It’s not like what the Choc boss said affected him, one inch. Nah. The same way you can’t get anybody that’s a top dawg to diss you. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Vector just dropped the bomb on M.I Abaga, is he winning?

    But for many years the “M.I vs Vector” rivalry has existed. Somehow, you couldn’t love them both. And they’ve never really crossed paths, in the past. Some fans think M isn’t as lyrically sound as Vector, and that’s why he wouldn’t let them do a track together. Maybe that’s right, or maybe it’s the other way round. It doesn’t matter. A collabo was never going to happen.

    A beef, though? Why the hell not? M.I had to overstep his boundaries, though, and VEC jumped in the booth, taking along two guys who have problems with M’s team (Blaqbonez and A-Q). M.I thought he did the ‘purification’, but no, what he did was start a war, “The Purge.” We’re gonna need another purification after this.

    Payper and Vader did their stuff, using almost everything Blaq has said and done as weapons against him. While Vector just came in flat out all offensive on M.I Abaga. He even body-shamed the short man. Wtf! See, so we asked who’s the winner? That’s the problem with beef, he who laughs last, usually laughs best. So, unless this cycle is gonna continue, Vector murdered M.

    Next time though, I think we should all consider why Vector is one of the most suitable candidates for “Lyricist On The Roll” and M.I naturally isn’t. M.I’s got the team, and at this point, all that could save him is some branding techniques.

    VEC doesn’t have a record label or a protege that can stand against M’s, but we should know there are more angry rappers waiting for the opportunity to follow Vector to the war against indiscipline!

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