Vanessa Mdee: The female artist who disrupted the music industry

    Vanessa Mdee comes from a house of talents, where her mom, young sister, and older sister are singers.

    Vanessa Mdee: The female artist who disrupted the music industry
    Vanessa Mdee: The female artist who disrupted the music industry

    She came into the game like she was passing by, many predicted that her style of music wasn’t Tanzania’s favorite but at the end of the day she shook us and exceeded our expectations when she captured the listener’s ears in the country and internationally.

    Vanessa Hau Mdee is that the media and the entertainment industry needed because she is a writer, rapper, youth activist and before entering the music industry she was a presenter at MTV.

    Your uniqueness is what will separate you from the majority, and that’s why her figure and bilingual singing style got her to attract a huge fan base.

    Did the music industry need her or does she need it more?

    The truth is the music industry needed her than she needed it, I don’t think we deserved the good songs that she gave us like ‘Nobody but me’ which she did with KO from South Africa, ‘Kisela‘ which she did with Rude Boy from Nigeria.

    For the longest time, Tanzania’s music didn’t get recognition, we weren’t getting awards, a lot of countries were ahead of us in the music industry when Vanessa Mdee came with her bilingual style of singing she made her music crossover easily to the extent that she got to take part in awards events in and out of Africa.

    How Vanessa became a Bongo Flava legend in a short

    The first she was heard on waves was when she got featured by Ommy Dimpoz in a song called ‘Me and You’. It was like someone showed her a direction to which to go cause after that song the rest is history.


    Today, we can say that Vanessa Mdee is a young woman who has been successful in the music industry in a short time, especially considering that when she got into the game, female artists were very few if you include Lady Jaydee who has been in the game for a long time.

    Vanessa Mdee was like a small antelope in the midst of lions in the jungle since the music industry has a lot of challenges especially for female musicians and for the fact that at that when she started her music career, there already were big artists in the game.

    Her love life and music

    It’s very rare for celebrity couples to work, we have seen this from Chris Brown and Rihanna, even though there are few couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z who are still together.

    The same goes for Vanessa, Vee as she calls herself, who was in a relationship with Juma .

    This celebrity couple was the most loved in the music industry, they hustled together, did a lot of joint projects. Their relationship helped them become successful and famous, some of the songs that they did together include ‘Juu‘ and they also did a tour together which was called ‘ and ‘.

    Where is Vanessa Mdee today?

    After she broke up with Juma , she decided to take a mental health break and stop doing music for some as she builds the other areas of her life.

    Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi
    Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

    Right now she is madly with a Hollywood actor and musician, Rotimi. These two have been blessed with a baby and matching tattoos.

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