Top 5 songs from Naija music groups of the early 2000s

Top 5 songs from Naija music groups of the early 2000

Top 5 songs from Naija music groups of the early 2000

Music groups weren’t uncommon in the early 2000s, they were a testament to the idiom, “there’ strength in numbers”.

We had Music groups who serenaded our airwaves with songs and brings you our favorite top 10 of the songs.


  • Artquake – Atlanta

Artquake was a music duo made up by Adegbite Adeniran (ADX) & Tomomewo Olakunle (Ice-K). They first came into the scene with Abulelawa but it was “Atlanta” that brought them massive success. The song ushered in a dance move which was also named after the song.


  • Bracket – Yori Yori

Bracket is a Nigerian Afropop and R&B music duo composed of Obumneme Ali a.k.a. “Smash” and Nwachukwu Ozioko a.k.a. “Vast”. When they dropped “Yori Yori”, it received massive airplay and was a among lovers.


  • P- Square – Do Me

Made up of Identical twin, Peter and Paul Okoye, P-square was a Hip hop group brought with them a different dimension to the music industry. “Do Me” is the lead single from their best selling album, “Game Over”. The song also featured vocals from Waje.


  • Styl-Plus – Imagine That

Styl-Plus (originally STYL) used to be Nigerian R&B and pop musical group/quartet but became a trio in 2003. The group were seen as the Nigerian “Boys II Men” due to their emotional and heartfelt songs. “Imagine That” is the lead single from their official debut album, “Expressions” and was the biggest song from that album.


  • Plantashun Boiz – One and Only

Even though there were many Music groups before their arrival into the Music scene, the Plaintashun Boiz was the group that influenced contemporary pop music in Nigeria. They also influenced the rise of Music group in the early 2000s. The group was made of 2Face (now known as 2Baba), Faze and Blackface.

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