Top 5 Inspirational Songs by Asa

    Today I will take you on a beautiful journey, which would be talking about  Top 5 inspirational songs by an soul singer, Asa.

    Top 5 Inspirational Songs by Asa

    Born and brought up by a cinematographer based in France. Who? Bukola Elemdide, well known as Asa by her stage name. Her songs keep inspiring all the time.

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    Asa who has been in the music space for over a decade has got fans asking the is Asa married, as the singer has not brought to open, her relationship status.

    It will be recalled that Mp3bullet.ng had earlier reported how Asa had to cancel her world due to the widespread of pandemic.

    With a lot of fans asking about the Asa album, the singer who has been off the music space for a very long time was last seen performing Davido’s Fall with alternate sound.

    In subsequent paragraphs, Mp3bullet.ng will be bringing to you top 5 inspirational songs from Asa that you can listen to at your downtime.

    • Eyo

    • On this list is one of Asa’s hit songs  Eyo. Eyo as it’s called will make Lagosians remember their place of birth.

    Eyo is known as a yearly masquerade parade carnival organized by prominent people in the state. So this will trigger your taste for this track title ‘EYO’. Which has some African beats, and these motives, good lyrics tell us a story about a person, and the world around.


    • Fire On The Mountain

    There is fire on the mountain, hmm! You don’t need to be told before you listen to the lyrics on this track, by the soul singer, Asa. The inspired track that talks a bit about war front in a  small republic, the risen and the downfall that later resulted to victory. This could change so many things about cultural values and norms in the world we are today.

    • Murder In The USA

    Worthy to be on this  Mp3bullet.ng  list of Asa inspirational song is Murder in the USA.  the song title, is listed on her recent album, ‘Murder in the USA’ we will always say that” you can’t see the world around you until you explore” by going outside your comfort zone. The same is applicable to this inspirational song by Asa. Asa talks about the world around her, and outside the world of her comfort zone, the good and in the USA in this song’s lyrics.


    • Bamidele

    It has been said by the altering, that what the Lord has joined together let man put asunder when you perceive the word ‘ Bamidele’ what do you think? This track is quite interesting which is especially recorded for the lovers out there, who are ready to build their relationship from scratch.

    • Mr. Jailer

    The touching track touches will touch your body and soul whenever you listen to it. Its calmness has the tendencies of keeping you glued to your music player,  listing and listing, over and over again, to it. This is another disappointment in relationships, she aimed to communicate with her man lover who disappointed her at the end. As the lyrics go, “ MR JAILER, STOP CALLING ME A PRISONER”.

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