Top 5 indigenous Rappers in Nigeria

Top 5 Indigenous Rappers in Nigeria.

Top 5 indigenous Rappers in Nigeria

Nigeria is an English speaking country and has over 500 native languages. Since the rise of rap in Nigeria, pioneers of rap were mostly English speakers and though we had indigenous rappers, they weren’t as popular as their counterparts.

came into the music scene with “Pon Pon” and the rap industry was never the same again. Now, it’s common for a rapper to rap in his indigenous and still have from tribes speaking the different native languages.



When Zoro came into the music scene with his “042”, he got the music space buzzing about him. But it hit like “Mabuza Mabuza”, “Ogene”, “Achikolo” that earned him the spotlight and fanbase he enjoys.



Reminisce released Kako bi Chicken and sealed his fate as one of the best indigenous rappers the Yoruba had ever produced. Reminisce has proven to a versatile entertainer whether as a singer, rapper or Actor, he’s got every ground covered.




Before Phyno started representing the Igbo in the rap industry, there was Mr Raw ( Formerly known as Nigga Raw). But Phyno’s success in the rap industry has so far clouded that of Mr Raw.

His breakout single, “Ghost mode” featuring Olamide was brought attention not just from his Igbo speaking brothers but from other tribes as well. e topped his success with songs like “Parcel”, “Alobam”, “Connect”, “Pino Pino”, “So far so good” but he achieved massive success when he dropped “Fada Fada” featuring Olamide.

Phyno had once revealed in an interview that he looks up to Olamide.


Olamide entry into the rap industry was a much-needed one because, after the death of , there was a void his death had created that need filling up. Olamide walked into the shoes of and did beyond what could achieve before his untimely death.

Olamide is called the King of the street for dropping street anthems like “Wo”, “Science Student”, “Bobo”, “Durusoke”, “ilefo Illuminati” amongst others.


Late may gone but would never forgotten for setting the foundation and pace that indigenous rappers now thrive upon. The young rapper came into an industry it was mostly dominated by English speaking rapper and stole the spotlight from them.

passed away in 2010 after a tragic accident but he is one artist that people won’t forget so soon.


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