Top 5 beef between Nigerian Artists and Producers

    Mp3bullet.ng presents top industry beef that has happened between Nigerian Artists and Producers.

    Top 5 beef between Nigerian Artists and Producers
    Top 5 beef between Nigerian Artists and Producers

    As fascinating and friendly as their partnership is, beef can happen between Nigerian artists and music producers, and they publicly drag each other over royalties, revenue sharing, illicit material releases, copyrights, and other concerns.

    Producers vs. musicians disputes erupt all over the world where music thrives in the mainstream; in this article, Mp3bullet.ng examines some of the most significant battles between these two creatives.


    Samklef VS Wizkid and

    Top 5 beef between Nigerian Artists and Producers
    Samklef vs Banky W, Wizkid

    This issue between Samklef, and Wizkid has been a long term one that might not have an ending.

    Samklef played a major role on the production of Wizkid’s “Superstar” album that was released under Banky W’ EME Label in 2010.

    Years later, all three have gone their but samklef seems to have some grudges left with both Wizkid and Banky W.

    In the past, Samklef used to call out Wizkid for sidelining him but Wizzy must have resolved issues with him as the producer stopped calling him out on social media except on occasional fights with Wizkd FC.

    However, in 2022 after Banky’ interview with Ebuka, Samklef resurfaced his call outs, especially at Banky.

    Samklef called out for not getting a royalty on Pakurumo a hit song off Wizkid’ debut Superstar album and declared that his name was completely taken out.

    Banky referred him to talk to Wizzy directly because his name was not there as well and the producer gave them an ultimatum before he resort to taking legal actions.

    Burna Boy vs Orbeat

    Burna Boy

    Orbeat, one of the producers who worked on Burna Boy’ On A Spacemanship in 2016, publicly chastised the singer for releasing a song without his permission despite being paid in full, and dubbed him a thief.

    Orbeat called Burna out on social media for disrespecting him with the act, and the singer responded in kind.

    Burna insisted that Orbeat should have contacted him directly rather than taking the problem to social media, and chastised him for pursuing his money.

    Timaya vs K Solo

    K Solo va Timaya

    Timaya and K-Solo, one of his veteran producers, duked it out online over who discovered Patoranking.

    K-Solo chastised Timaya for claiming to have signed Patoranking, revealing that he was the one who discovered the young singer and that Timaya merely met him at his Ebute Metta studio.

    During a conversation with Naijaloaded, he made the startling disclosure.

    K Solo vs Patoranking

    Top 5 beef between Nigerian Artists and Producers
    K Solo vs Patoranking

    K Solo did not stop at slamming Timaya; he also called out Patoranking, claiming that the shoutout Patoranking gave Timaya during his concert was a sham.

    K Solo believed he deserved praise because he fed and clothed the singer when he was a nobody, only for Timaya to come along and grab the credit.

    He also stated that the truth regarding the situation will be revealed one day.


    vs Shizzi

    Top 5 beef between Nigerian Artists and Producers
    vs Shizzi

    Shizzi chastised for selling a he developed to another producer without his permission. Shizzi protested about not being given credit for his work on Teni’ hit song Case, and challenged him to prove it, which he did.

    The vs Shizzi case sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with many people advising the singer to apologize and acknowledge that she made a mistake.

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