Top 4 Modern African Singers.

There are lots of ways to both relax and get more energized. For example, you can go for a
walk, try to bet in Naija, or start dancing alone. And songs by these African singers are
wonderful for all these activities.


The members of the South African duo formed back in the 90s are Theo Kgosinkwe and
Nhlanhla Nsiza. They sing in the genre of kwaito, a local variety of house and pop music.
Their compositions successfully combine slow rhythms, African percussion, and vocals from
a mixture of English and the languages of South Africa's traditional and Kosa tribes. To top it all off, Mafikizolo are three-time winners of the South Africa Award and MTV Africa.

Jeremy Loops

A blue-eyed blond, Swiss, and South African by blood, Jeremy Loops has gone from a
budding artist in his native Cape Town to a renowned international musician. In 2015, he
was the breakout artist of the year, performing on the Twenty One Pilots tour and playing his solos in Europe and the U.S., which as many as 30,000 listeners. His singles Waves, Freak and Critical As Water debuted in the top five on iTunes in the Netherlands,
Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa, paving the way for a world tour.

Petite Noir

Congolese artist Yannick Ilunga (Petite Noir) was born in Brussels but grew up in South
Africa, where he became a musician. Yannick successfully combines African rhythms with
indie and electro compositions, turning any of his videos into art-pop art. His debut studio
album was released in September 2015, and in 2016, he began performing with American
hip-hop artist Danny Brown, cult rapper Kendrick Lamar, Canadian musician Mac Demarco,
and writer Saul Williams. Perhaps Petite Noir sounds the most European of the
African performers.


The South African singer Black started singing in her childhood in the church
pew and continued on stage, choosing the genre of Afro-soul with a touch of hip-hop and
r&b. Listening to this singer, you know for a fact that her sources of inspiration were Beyoncé and Whitney Houston. In her compositions, she switches freely from English to her native tongue, emphasizing her belonging to this nation with her painted face and colorful outfits. In 2016, her single; Amazulu; was nominated for several awards, and her first album went platinum three weeks after its release.

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