Top 10 underrated Wizkid’s songs that Should have gotten more hype

Top 10 most underrated Wizkid’s songs that Should have gotten more attention

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known by his stage name Wizkid is Nigerian singer and songwriter that is known far and wide for his craft, here are the top 10 most underrated Wizkid’s songs that Should have gotten more attention.

Top 10 underrated Wizkid's songs that Should have gotten more hype
Top 10 underrated Wizkid’s songs that Should have gotten more hype

He is recognized as one of the most young musicians Nigeria has ever produced.

Wizkid has collaborated on both international and local fronts and is beyond doubt one of the best in the game. Although he makes great music, there seem to be some reservations about some of them.

There are notions by people about the Starboy making not so good music since his debut album, “Superstar”. Some people believe there are lot of songs that he’s done that ordinarily shouldn’t have been released because they are nothing to write home about.

Some of these songs have been listed below and we present to you 11 Terrible Wizkid’s Songs That Shouldn’t Have Left The Studio.

Let’s go


“Ghetto Love” is one song with great beat I agree, but it should have remained in the studio.

I personally feel like Wizkid wasn’t ready when he output this song. It needed more work and seemed more like freestyle.


“Joro” is one of WizKids’s latest songs and to be honest, the song is not relatable. No one even knows what Joro stands for in the song.

I feel like there should have been more to the lyrics. It was mostly repetition of incoherent words.


“I want your body sleeping in my bed”, okay we get that, but what we don’t get is why Wizzy proceeded to hail different people.

There was absolutely no correlation whatsoever.


We all know what a “Zombie” is right??? So I guess well all agree that wasn’t suitable title for the song. About the lyrics, I would say it’s bit tacky.


On hearing the beat of the song “Master Groove”, I bet you’re already on your feet “grooving”, but trust me, collabo would have made this song huge success.


“Star Boy Dey For You”, but no, he was against us with this song. This mid-tempo song would have been a if only it had some more juicy lyrics to it.


Shabba had host of great international acts like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, French Montana on it but for some weird reasons, lot of us still think it should have remained some sort of studio experiment.


Sarz did great deal of job with the production of this Afropop song, but Wizkid’s delivery on it was kind of far behind I feel like the delivery didn’t match the beat.


I would listen to this song in the confines of my room, but definitely would not jam to it at the club or anywhere else.



The song Shade is a total no-no for me. Wizkid should not have put this song out there.

“Shade” lacks the basic elements that make a song a hit.


Wizkid’s hook didn’t match his chorus on the song “Baba Nla” song at all.. What a very horrible song it is.

It seemed like bringing parts of different songs together, trying to piece them up and make them work.

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