Top 10 songs from Tanzanian’s hit makers in 2021

    There are new additions to the music scene like daily, and this has been crucial in making Tanzanian music the big deal that it is.

    Top 10 songs from Tanzanian's hit makers in 2021
    Top 10 songs from Tanzanian’s hitmakers in 2021

    While the big boys in the music industry keep getting bigger, the up-and-coming creatives are also honing their crafts so that they can fly as high as the big boys.

    It is undeniable that when you mention bangers in the African music industry without mentioning some from Tanzania, you will be talking about something else, not music since in 2021 alone gave the world so many hits, in this piece I’m gonna share the top ten hits that Tanzanian artists gave the world;

    1. Zuchu -Sukari

    At such a young age, Zuchu got an opportunity that a lot of musicians in think is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she joined Wasafi Classic Baby Label (WCB).

    Zuchu being among the two female artists from that label had the hunger to show Tanzanians and the world what she has. has made us dance and sing along with her hit song ‘Sukari’ which has garnered so many views on YouTube and is frequently played on radios and left and right in ceremonies.

    2. Harmonize ft H Baba & Awilo Longomba – Attitude

    Famously known as Tembo or Kondeboy, he brought us this Sebene song featuring Awilo Longomba, the music legend from Congo. You will feel lacking in nightclubs if this song is not played.

    Top 10 Tanzanian artists holding down their spaces in 2021.

    The uniqueness in dancing styles and attire in the music is what helped this song gain massive airwaves.

    3. ALIKIBA Ft Kings Music – Ndombolo

    Alikiba - Tanzania’s Music Jungle - The Lion, The King and The Elephant

    With his own children that he signed under Kings Music, like Kituga and Abdu Kiba (who is his young brother), the king of vocals gave us this danceable hit.

    He did an amazing marketing program with clips circulating of people dancing to the song before the official release, so when it was officially released we were ready to dance and make this a banger.

    4. Mbosso ft Diamond Platnumz – Baikoko

    Mbosso who came from the Yamoto band before joining WCB always gives us the best coastal tunes in his love songs.

    he featured his boss and owner of WCB, Diamond Platnumz in the release of his song ‘Baikoko‘ a song that coastal and girls dance to during ceremonies.

    Up to this day, it is the most-watched song on YouTube with millions of views.

    5. Barnaba ft ALIKIBA – Cheketua

    Barnaba who is a writer and a music nerd who has a unique melody in his songs decided to feature AliKiba in this song that celebrates weddings and marriage in general. And that’s why it doesn’t come as a shock when in their videos they are seen in black and white suits like penguins.

    Before the release of the song, we thought Barnaba was getting married again because the pictures from the shoot were spread before the release of the video, maybe it was their publicity stunt gaining traction.

    6. Marioo – For you

    We were so used to his heartbreak and lamenting songs, and so he really shocked us when he released a love song.

    Marioo - The Tanzanian artist disturbing the charts with Bia Tamu (Beer is Sweet).

    It seems like there is a gurl who has captured his heart to the extent he has forgotten the heartbreak he faced in ‘Inatosha’ and ‘Unanionea’.

    ‘For You’ is a song that is in every top ten and top twenty on radios. To the extent that today if you don’t mention Mario in any top ten music list in Tanzania, then you are clueless about the Tanzanian music industry.

    7. Diamond Platnumz – Naanzaje

    I could have been shocked if Simba wasn’t gonna roar the whole year in the jungle, it could have been unfair to his fans who love good music.

    Musically his 2020 was different from but he still gave us the best hit song in ‘Naanzaje‘.

    If you just hear this banger once, you will dream about it for weeks to come, that’s how good it is.

    8. Maua Sama – Zai

    Maua has been breaking her own records since she started her music career, it’s like she only compares and competes with who she was yesterday.

    She gave us a national anthem with her song ‘Iokote’ and she has left our jaws wide open as we move to ‘Zai’.

    9. Anjela – Nobody

    She is the first female artist to be signed under Konde Gang, and she has tried to show us how talent in music.

    It is not easy for the first song an artist releases to be a hit song but it has been different for Anjela, ‘No body’ has been a song that hit the nail. Many predicted her fall but she is still in the race and going big.

    10. Nandy – Naanzaje

    She calls herself African Princess, and got to know her in 2016 with her unique voice and beauty. From House of Talent (THT) under Ruge Mutahaba who was the mastermind in the music industry.

    Her first song was ‘Nagusagusa‘ but in 2021 ‘Naanzaje’ has forever marked her as the only African princess in the music industry.

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