Top 10 Nigerian songs turning 15 in 2020

    Top 10 Nigerian Songs turning 15 in 2020.

    Top 10 Nigerian songs turning 15 in 2020
    Top 10 Nigerian songs turning 15 in 2020

    2005 was a turning point for Nigerian music. If the year 2000 laid the foundation for what is the Naija pop scene as we know it today, 05 was the initial stage built on that foundation.

    It marked an era of more originality in Nigerian music as it seemed artistes had finally stopped covering/imitating their western counterparts; and began incorporating even more Nigerian elements into their music.

    It was the also birth of a number of seminal acts like P-Square and D’b*nj, who would go on to dominate the industry for an extended period.

    So here are the Nigerian classics that are turning 15 years in 2020.


    Bizzy Body – P-square ft Waje

    In 2005, Musical duo, P-square released their second studio album, “Get Squared” and off the album was the lead track, “Bizzy Body” which features Waje.

    The song could be credited for catapulting them to success. A remix was later released and it featured Weird MC.


    Fuju (Dance) – Darey Art Alade ft Ikechukwu, Dekunle Fuji

    Darey is an award-winning artist who has released so many hit songs over the years.

    His debut album “From Me 2 You”  was laced with several hit singles, including ‘Fuji‘ and ‘Escalade’ which enjoyed massive airplay in the Nigerian and international media.

    ‘Fuji’ features Ikechukwu and Dekunle Fuji and is an upbeat pop song that fuses with the Fuji genre



    Mr. President – African China

    African China is a pidgin reggae/dancehall artist who back in the early 2000s was popular for his socially conscious music.

    Mr. President is a song in which the singer addresses leaders to lead the country and put an end to issues plaguing the nation. The song is off his second studio album of the same name.


    Na Ba Ka – Jeremiah Gyang

    Like most music greats, Jeremiah Gyang’s journey began in the house of God where he led the church choir as music director.

    His music has been described as a fine blend of soulful African rhythms, blues, rock, and gospel, which are often accompanied by sounds produced from the gentle plucking of his guitar’s strings, standing him out as an artist of extraordinary talent.

    He has been held responsible for bringing contemporary Hausa music to the mainstream.

    His rare gem hit from 2004 Na Ba Ka! has continued to receive particular credits for this feat that skyrocketed him to national consciousness. The title can be translated to mean ‘I Give You’ and it features veteran rapper of Northern descent, Six Foot Plus.



    Djinee – Ego

    Djinee is an Afro R’n’B artist that graced us with his heartwarming song, “Ego” in 2005.

    The song which dominated airwaves as of that time sees Djinee expressing his love for a girl who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.



    Delicious – Big Lo ft 2Shotz

    ‘Delicious’ is a collaboration between Hip-Hop veterans Big Lo and 2Shotz. The song samples Beenie Man’s hit song, “Dude”.

    The song was the first ever to win the Headies’ best Collaboration catergory in 2006.

    Chinwe Ike – Resonance

    The name Resonance became popular when TV music shows bombarded viewers with the video for ‘Chinwe Ike’ off the duo’s album of the same title.

    The group was made up of the duo of Esther ‘E-Star’ Abigbo and Uche ‘Gucheano’ Ozoigbo, who were said to be cousins.


    Imagine That – Styl Plus

    Nigerian pop musical group/quartet Styl Plus released “Imagine That” From their Expressions Album in 2005.

    They were considered to be the Backstreet Boys of Nigeria with their soulful singing and catchy lyrics.


    Ijoya – Weird MC

    Weird MC is a rapper/Songwriter known for her English/Yoruba lyrics. Off her second studio album, After da storm, she released the hit single “Ijoya”.

    The song was produced by Don Jazzy and JJC and dominated the airwaves for quite a long time.


    Never Far Away – Lagbaja ft Ego

    Lagbaja is a Nigerian Afrobeat musician, singer-songwriter, and percussionist. Widely known for his signature use of mask which covers his identity, the veteran singer’s songs were a cultural reset.

    “Never far Away” released in 2005 features the beautiful Ego.


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