Top 10 Naija Songs from Artists Whose Career went down Mysteriously

Today, Mp3bullet.ng will be looking at from artists who were doing very well in the music scene but their musical career went down mysteriously.

Top 10 Naija Songs from Artists Whose Career went down Mysteriously
May D, ,

Recently some artists washed off their dirty pants and narrated how their career went down the slop from being a hot cake in the music scene to having a struggling career a perfect example is an artist like who bike into limelight sometimes a year or two before the likes of and . One would have thought that he will be a music don in the next few years but all of a sudden their career goes off the drain.

One of the artists who fell from grace is Fe nu so crooner, seeming to have series of collaborations with and other then trending artists, did not last long in the music scene.

  •   ft Terry G- Pass Me Your Love

Another artist whose career did not stand the test of time is . Pass Me Your Love which used to be  a party banger


On the list is a badass rapper track with currently trending female rapper Cynthia morgan. Released in 2010 under Bay Production label, the rap was arguably one of the best rap songs at that time with Cynthia Morgan putting in her Jamaican feel into the rap track. who is supposed to be amongst the A list rappers we have now is currently where on the list of Nigerian top 10 rappers.

Another track that is worthy to be on this list is Orin from . the song which became the jingle of every radio station was an inspirational track that trended between 2010 and 2015. the sensational singer who went further to release other tracks was unable to gather as much attention and audience for the other tracks like he did Orin.

Former YBNL man is another artist that is worthy to be on this list with his Track Me and My Guys’. While some YBNL fans believed his career has not been blossoming because he left YBNL, others believe that He was not just talented enough. However,some are still of the opinion that YBNL label does not know how to groom artists to be indecent. Whatever the case may be One would have expected to be on the same level as Adekunle Gold. but the reverse  is the case as the Victor we hear now is Victor AD.

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Also meant to be on this list is one of 2010 sensations . Oju ti ti won which stands as one of the best party banger released in 2009, Oju ti Tiwon shook the music industry so much as you hardly visited a party without them playing the track. Tipped to be the next big thing in the music scene alongside Klever J and K Solo failed to fulfil the production of many as they didn’t last long in the music scene.

Another Artist who shook the music scene with his song but did not last long to bring another hit song was Koni Koni Love. The song which was the life of every party was loved by many Nigerian music lovers.

  • Terry G – Free Madness

Another artist that is worthy to be on this list is our very own free madness crooner Terry G. Famous for his , and other hit songs released between 2008 and 2010, one would have easily predicted that Terry G as at 2020 would be a music don like , and however, the reverse is the case as the free madness crooner is struggling to revive his career with his new release Adura.

  • May D – Sound Track

Also on this list is a song from the Ile Ijo crooner Mr May D. Sound track was a hit that rocked every DJ’s turntable as it made music lovers shake body.

  • Cynthia Morgan – I’m Taken

Topping this list is song from currently trending artists, Cynthia Morgan with her 2014 release I’m Taken. Cynthia who became the talk of social media after her live Instagram session with Tunde Ednut revealed how her Record label ruined her music career. According to her then-boss stripped her of everything she could use to make it musically. However, a jar of hope has sprung up for her as artists have pledged to help her rise again.

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