Top 10 Girl Power Songs You Should Listen To

Many songs promote different ideals, amongst them are the girl power songs that celebrate femininity and the power of being a woman.

Top 10 Girl Power Songs You Should Listen To
Top 10 Girl Power Songs You Should Listen To

Several female artists have placed their mark with their songs, showing their solidarity for the revolution of feminism.

Mp3bullet.ng has curated a list of 10 girl power songs, out of the multitude available. See below:

10) Meghan Trainor – I’m a Lady


I’m a Lady is one of the sound tracks on Smurfs: The Lost Village animation.

While it was befitting to the cartoon, it is very much a girl power song that celebrates women the way they are.

“I don’t look like them, I don’t talk like them…I ain’t worried about it,” basically says one should own their feminity, because there’s power in knowing that you are “a gem.”

With songs like I’m a Lady, Dear Future Husband, and more, Meghan Trainor really does encourage a balanced world for women.


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9) Chidinma (ft and ) – Emi Ni Baller


Emi Ni Baller was Chidinma‘s way of giving it to us hot, uncaring of any barriers in her way.

Listening to this song will give you the courage to go after what you truly want, refusing to take no for an answer.

The remix of this song, featuring , is just as good as the original.


8) Pussycat Dolls (ft ) – Wait a Minute


Girl group, Pussycat Dolls used this song to send a message to men that try to take advantage of women.

Wait a Minute basically says, “in your face.”


7) Jessie J (ft & ) – Bang Bang


People who think a relationship can only be initiated by a man will have another think coming when they listen to this.

Teaming up to state that women can woo a man, Jessie, Ari and Nicki create this fiesty song that is sure to have your stereo blasting.


6) (ft ) – Bad


Bad can become a feminism anthem, with lyrics like, “Yes, I’m coming to cause trouble. You don’t like me? Unfollow.”

Released in 2016, after rumors of being estranged from TeeBillz emerged, Tiwa boldly stated that she’s; “Badder than bad.”

She remains so till date, and this song is definitely one to steer you to own your uniqueness.

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5) Kelly Clarkson – Stronger


Initially, this song was viewed as a breakup song until it wasn’t.

Stronger has evolved, taking a life of its own to become a girl power song.

Similar to Destiny Child‘s Survivor, and Gloria Gaynor‘s I Will Survive, Stronger can also be used as an inspirational song.


4) – Ain’t Your Mama


The music video of this song is self explanatory. An unseen TV host speaks about how women’s rights being human rights, while Jennifer Lopez looks on.

It is unsurprising that Ain’t Your Mama has 700+ million views on YouTube. It definitely should.

JLo set a precedent for songs like Ain’t Your Mama when she released Love Don’t Cost a Thing over a decade ago.


3) (ft ) – Power


brought the beat, and the girl power vibes to this song.

It’s easy to pump your fist in the air while listening to it, especially when they sing, “Who’s got the power? I got the power!”


2) – Run the World


“Who run the world? Girls!” This song doesn’t beg or advocate for equal rights. It states that women already have it.

celebrates every woman, especially those holding down a job, and motherhood at the same time. She also recognizes men who respect women.

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1) – Gentle Lady


Ever before any of the songs on this list were released, had set the foundation for girl power songs.

Her music career in a male dominated Fuji world was a struggle that she won. She’s the only woman in the Fuji genre that has gained widespread recognition and respect in Nigeria.

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Salawa Abeni‘s career took off while most women musicians were struggling to be backup singers, back in the day.

Till date, Salawa is still a well respected Fuji artiste, and it’s an undisputed fact. She’s not one of the boys, she’s a Gentle Lady.

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