Top 10 diaspora songs of the summer so far in 2021

    Here are some of the top 10 best songs to add to your summer 2021 playlist.

    So, of course, we needed a summer top 10 songs playlist to rival them all based on statistical metrics such as streams, concept, wave, and general rating on visual representation were used to make this decision.

    Featiring Diamond Platnum, Stefflon Don, Kamo Mphela, Kwesta and more.

    Whether vacationers like it or not, the end of summer appears to be approaching quickly. And, while the global pandemic is far from over, July and August have been months of celebration and revelry.

    Top 10 diaspora songs of the summer so far in 2021
    Top 10 diaspora songs of the summer so far in 2021

    Top 10 diaspora songs of the summer so far in 2021

    Diamond Platnumz – IYO (feat Focalistic, Mapara A Jazz & Ntosh Gazi)

    The boss of the Tanzanian scene turns his ear towards South Africa by inviting the rapper Focalistic, the band Mapara A Jazz, and artist Ntosh Gazi on his track “IYO”.

    Tailored for the clubs, the track and its ultra-energetic video must have pleased many partygoers.

    One more proof that this summer has been deeply marked by amapiano far beyond South Africa…

    Stefflon Don – Dip (feat. Ms Banks)

    The two English artists offer us here a fierce track that only reinforces their ultimate badass aura.

    On this ultra-percussive instrumental and its middle-eastern accents, Ms Banks’ verse is a real rap lesson, while Stefflon Don’s brings a powerful dancehall imprint.

     Kamo Mphela – Thula Thula

    The amapiano princess continues her hit streak with “Thula Thula”, a type of song she clearly holds the secret of.

    The badass attitude the singer gives off in her verses is also felt in this half-gangster, half-comic video was accompanied by her gang of dancers, she organizes a robbery.

    “Thula Thula” is taken from the compilation Amapiano Now.

     Leto – Mozart Capitaine Jackson (Episode 1)

    The Parisian rapper flew to Abidjan, the capital of francophone African rap, to shoot the video of this undeniable banger.

    It seems that drill music has become as popular there as elsewhere, given the scenes of thrilling audiences and wild concerts that we see in the visuals.

    NSG – Petite 

    London’s grooviest boy band blesses us here with a little summer gem.

    In the visuals of this pretty love song that mixes hip-hop with afrobeats, the six members are staged in a party full of ego and antagonism.

    Their rivals are jealous of them and the boys enjoy this attention: “To make an entrance we come late to the party“.

    Spice – Send It Up

    In these wacky visuals, Spice is sent on a space mission to find the chosen one who will help her repopulate a planet.

    However, behind this funny video, the music is no joke and sends us a fierce and terribly catchy flow in the ears.

    We are looking forward to the next singles from the Spice planet

     Mahalia – Whenever You’re Ready

    Inspired by Montell Jordan’s classic “Get It On Tonight”, this new Mahalia video has a retro atmosphere, placing the singer in the midst of a romantic breakup as the lyrics oscillate between resentment and despair.

    This does not prevent the song from being a real hit, which can be danced to with some 2000s RnB in mind.

    The video was shot entirely by phone!

    Juls – Wicked

    In this video, Juls brings us to a vibrant neon party, urging us to celebrate the advent of summer.

    The track should be the first extract of his album Sounds Of My World which already promises to be a very diverse set considering the influences of this track, “a mixture of carioca funk, azonto, and baile funk” according to its creator.

    Kwesta – Kubo (feat. K.O, Focalistic & Bassie)

    In the process of a comeback five years after his classic DaKAR II (2016), Kwesta decided to hit hard with “Kubo”, the undeniable hit from his g.o.d guluva album.

    The track is meant to be deeply unifying, with a video full of references to South African pop culture.

    Amidst the pantsula dancers and kwaito sounds, we find the singer Bassie, the rapper K.O, and the inevitable prince of amapiano Focalistic.

    Chinese Kitty – LIT BITCH (feat. Fivio Foreign & French Montana)

    It would be impossible to make this list without a big rap banger, and that is precisely what Chinese Kitty gave us with “LIT BITCH”.

    The chorus is a reference to “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” by rapper Khia, a less gangster classic but just as explicit.





    Top 10 diaspora songs of the summer so far in 2021

    • Diamond Platnumz – IYO (feat Focalistic, Mapara A Jazz & Ntosh Gazi)
    • Stefflon Don – Dip (feat. Ms Banks)
    • Kamo Mphela – Thula Thula
    • Leto – Mozart Capitaine Jackson (Episode 1)
    • NSG – Petite 
    • Spice – Send It Up
    • Juls – Wicked
    • Kwesta – Kubo (feat. K.O, Focalistic & Bassie)
    • Chinese Kitty – LIT BITCH (feat. Fivio Foreign & French Montana)

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