Top 10 best Olamide guest verses that prove he’s the GOAT

    These are the top 10 best Olamide guest verses that prove he’s the GOAT.

    Olamide is the king of guest verses, and GOAT in this context means the greatest of all time, back to back top 10 best Olamide guest verses that prove he’s the GOAT.

    Top 10 best Olamide guest verses that prove he's the GOAT
    Top 10 best Olamide guest verses that prove he’s the GOAT

    His guest works cut across genres like hip-hop (obviously), afro (for real, who does it better?), R&B (crazy, right?), street-hop (the streets keep urging him to do more) and even Fuji. Versatile is indeed an understatement.

    After listening to all of Olamide‘s albums, and a lot of his guest appearances and collaborations with other artists, here are 10 of the best verses Olamide‘s ever done.

    1. Ycee – Jagaban (Remix)


    Olamide is in the habit of jumping on upcoming artists’ songs and making them hits.

    As he’s continued to do in recent times (Vision 2020PesinTime). As they say, a remix with Olamide can never go wrong (nobody says that).

    Jagaban” didn’t only catapult Ycee‘s career, it also came at a time when there was a lot of Olamide slander, but his verse on that song, if anything, showed everyone that any day, any time, Ola’s got it.

    2. Phyno – Fada Fada


    Phyno has collaborated with a lot of people but it seems the one person he has the most chemistry with is Olamide.

    Summer ’16 can never be complete without “Fada Fada,” and that’s facts. It’s not every day Olamide gets to be the Yoruba boy on an Igbo beat.

    He killed “Fada Fada” with his braggadocious verse, as he bragged about chilling with then Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode and flying jets.


    3. Lyta – Time (Remix)


    The special thing about this song is that no one knows the version Olamide isn’t on.

    Lyta‘s dope and all, yes, but I don’t wanna imagine this song without Olamide.

    Also, “E ‘n shey X3M Music, ee ni Simi” has to be one of Olamide‘s wittiest lines.

    Even though Lyta has left YBNL, this song is still one of the biggest songs to come from the label.


    4. Small Doctor – You Know


    When it comes to swerving from genre to genre, nobody comes close to Olamide.

    The YBNL boss will kill an R&B song today, and tomorrow he’s on some street-hop thing, sampling a Fuji legend.

    That’s exactly the case with Small Doctor‘s 2015 hit, “You Know” which was heavy on the streets that year.

    And he didn’t even have to try, he just sang with a deep voice and sandwiched Pasuma‘s iconic “Oluyole Carnival” into his verse, creating one of the best he’s ever done in the process.

    5. Dice Ailes – Pim Pim


    He doesn’t look like Yemi My Lover, no, but that doesn’t stop the maestro from hopping on some Afro beat and doing some mushy things.

    Like Drake, Olamide sure knows how to simp, while maintaining the finesse that makes him the boss he is.

    On “Pim Pim,” he was able to deliver the most memorable part of the song, by far, and one of the most impressive rap verses on a song in recent times.

    Only Olamide could’ve done what he did, actually.


    6. Yomiblaze — IKA


    The YBNL Mafia era gave us Fireboy and we are gonna be forever grateful for that mixtape and that overall experience in general.

    One song which didn’t get the praise it deserved though, was this Yomiblaze joint with Olamide, “Ika” which had Baddo delivering a dirty and gritty verse.

    From the song, you’d know that does this with no stress. Yomi was at his best on that track, but Olamide still washed him. Class!


    7. Reminisce – Local Rappers


    Once in a while, it’s not a strange thing to have two or three rappers jump on dope hip-hop instrumental and trade verses.

    But it’s also once in a while that the songs make it to the hall of fame, become a national hit and make a mark in the hip-hop culture.

    Local Rappers” check all the boxes, and it couldn’t have happened without Olamide, who put in arguably the best verse on the track while rapping alongside Reminisce and Phyno.

    You can’t bring ten Olamide versus overall that are better than this, honestly!


    8. Dapo Tuburna – Nothing (Remix)


    Nothing” is such a good song, can’t deny it. Olamide just knows how to spice things up.

    He spiced up Ycee‘s first hit up, while he was at and proceeded to do the same for Dapo, who Entertainment signed later on. Legend!


    9. Phyno – Blessings


    This is one of the verses that’ll make you just say Olamide is a human being. His part on this song should be GOATed.

    It’s not every day a hip-hop artist like Olamide does some classic Yoruba praise and worship thing and gets it right.

    No disrespect to Phyno or , but Olamide killed them both on this one!


    10. Phyno – Ghost Mode


    The Phyno story didn’t start with “Fada Fada” or “Blessings” or “On Buzz,” no it’s way back when they were both the hottest rappers on the block and linked up to put their cities on the map.

    Well, Phyno put the whole East Side on the map and Olamide just showed his dexterity and why he should never be compared to any of these kids.

    Ghost Mode” is top 5 rap song of all time in Nigeria and that’s on period.

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