Tiwa Savage reacts as Shizzi slams his manager, Efe, over publishing deal

    • Tiwa Savage supports music producer Shizzi in dragging his manager, Efe

    • Tiwa Savage backs Shizzi as he drags his manager, Efe, over his publishing deal.

    Tiwa Savage reacts as Shizzi slams his manager, Efe, over publishing deal
    Tiwa Savage reacts as Shizzi slams his manager, Efe, over publishing deal

    The drama between Shizzi and his Manager, Efe is opening up more cans of worms as Singer, Tiwa Savage has hinted at also having the same issue with Efe.

    Shizzi had filthily dragged him in a series of posts on his Instagram page and narrative, accusing him of holding him captive in his label.

    He described him as the epitome of a heartless and explained how, as a result of him, he has been caught in a Sony music pub deal for the past six years.

    He claims that the man has done nothing to advance his career and is now attempting to rob him and his family of everything they own.

    Shizzi that he signed an old MDRC contract unwittingly because of him and that he never allowed them the chance to hire an attorney to thoroughly check the document in 2016 because of his nefarious schemes.


    According to Shizzi, after realizing Efe’s plans, he demanded a termination of the contract which can only approved by Efe.

    Unfortunately, Efe hasn’t consented to it hence the public call-out.

    Shizzi vowed to drag his name to the nuke and expose the truth.

    He wrote,

    “Efe is the epitome of a heartless human being! I’ve been stuck in the worst sonymusicpub deal for 6 years because of him!

    You will NEVER STOP WAHT GOD HAS ORDAINED FOR ME! You have done absolutely nothing for my career but try and take everything away from me and my family! I unknowingly got signed to an archaic MDRC deal because if this man.

    He never gave us the right to choose an attorney to thoroughly inspect the contract in 2016 because his friend/partner in crime was the attorney that we were forced to work with on the deal and now he doesn’t want to let me free!

    As of late year, Sony ATV they were going to let me only if he agrees with terms of termination is enough! I will drag your name to the mud with the TRUTH! You can’t get away with this!”.

    Weighing in on the drama, Tiwa Savage took to his comment section to show support for him.

    Tiwa Savage hinted at how she also suffered in his hands as she stated that “If I start to talk” accompanied with heartbroken emoji.

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