Tiwa Savage – “Celia Album” Review: The African Bad Girl tells her stories without fear.

    The African Bad Girl, Tiwa Savage’s Graduating Her Sounds Un-Cheap. #AfrobeatVerdicts on “Celia Album”.

    Tiwa Savage - "Celia Album" Review: The African Bad Girl tells her stories without fear.
    Tiwa Savage

    Tiwatope Savage, a popular award-winning Nigerian singer, and songwriter is professionally known as Tiwa Savage.

    Represents the queen of Nigerian music, as she remains the number “one” African bad girl who exudes nothing but fine African thing. She’s got huge numbers of loyal listeners who can slay for her amazing art.

    “Celia”, her 4th studio project was indeed an engaging one, with special strides of magic vibes. It’s unlike the regular vibe from Tiwa. Although, this project tells a variety of stories and exuding Tiwa’s “mixed feeling in between them”. She seems outrageous and expresses a lot through her 13-track project titled: “Celia”.

    Tiwa Savage has never lagged behind exotic vibes, her tunes especially dish fine cuisine. She’s a very realistic one, does her music excellently at utmost originality which drives one mind-blowing essence. She’s one of the Afro-queens precisely, “Long Live Queen Tiwa”. The female singer who dished one of the best Afro projects lately, of course,

    She’s leading Afro-culture obviously and it’s gaining global dominance from her shore, you can’t help it. She’s your Queen, and she’s brave. Worship her art, lavish her, her art with the love it deserves. Recognize the persona which she disposes of through this project.“is it too much for you?”. Give her more accolades. She’s really wonderful.

    Her recent project “Celia”, wasn’t a bad trip, to me, it only shows graduation. Tiwa’s vibe is becoming mightier and you’ll just love her more this time. The fine construction of the project accordingly wasn’t awful, as American Sam Smith came through, delivered mind-blowing, and encapsulates one without remorse. It’s a “temptation” which leads to a path of “addiction” unto Tiwa’s act.

    Sam Smith exudes lovely and surely I can’t witch hunt its strides of perfection. “I felt it deep sincerely”. While the New Yorker, Stefflon Don came through and kept it hottie. Bouncy and fitting. She filled her overwhelming presence with the popular Nigerian Dice Ailes, the difference was clear enough to keep one loving the project drastic.

    Davido also relished his thing for this project. “park well and balance well for me” he resounds colly and lovely, as Speroach Beatz did the magic rhythm. Creativity. It was complete “Abracadabra”, full of rich artistry. Just chill, take a sip of iced coca-cola; balance well and receive the magic of this track. Don’t forget, “Park well and balance well”.

    Naira Marley also made the project what it was – Mixed feeling which passed strict messages. It’s quite definite as she mixes the vibe together, it was certainly lovely. “Somebody see ole”, she choruses and Naira Marley follows her behind, as he calls back with “Somebody shout Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole”.

    Don Rexxie, the Nigerian record magician fueled magical elements through the sound and it was richly notable. “Ole” was remarkable, it seems to drive towards Nigerian corrupt leaders. She calls out relentlessly, and the project went ahead describing lots more. Cop dat.

    Tiwa Savage speaks on Motherhood, Being Black in the US
    Tiwa Savage

    The project runs through; Life, enjoyment, love, feelings, and money matter. “Don’t f**k with my mind” Tiwa sings with emotion, and “London” destroyed the sonic with smooth cogency. She choruses: “Oh baby, don’t f**k with mah mind, mah mind. You don’t want to f**k with mah mind”. Beautiful section to wander, she goes further to tell more stories through the project. It was a really mixed feeling, and it was absolutely gracious as she owns a spot as one act with the best female Afro project 2020. “Celia’s” glorious deal. Cop dat once more!


    The African bad girl, Tiwa Savage has graduated her art form, this time its simplicity. She tells her stories without fear and Sounding highly refined.

    She’s become one of the leading forces traveling beyond with Afrobeat culture. Getting her the same flashy radiant with Beyonce “Lion King” project, and many more. While the culture keeps moving forward. This project is one of a kind and it’s vet “lovely, while her graduation party sails safely.

    Tiwa’s sauce”. Celia’s certified award-winning project, “quote me on here”. Tiwa’s is the queen of the Nigerian music industry, she’s deserved more than present accolades.

    She’s fit, evolving, and crossing-over her art. She’s one of a kind. Celia’s remarks greatness. Mightier than her ever conceived the project. Tiwa’s the best female act as for now. Long live the queen.

    Long live the potent project – Celia.


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