Throwback: 10 songs from Terry G that rocked the streets

    On Today’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we would be taking a look at songs from the street master, Terry G that got people dancing.

    Throwback: 10 songs from Terry G that rocked the streets
    Throwback: 10 songs from Terry G that rocked the streets

    In the early 2000s, Terry G was one of the trending artists who had the street on lockdown with his songs.

    He alone could magically sing the same melody, change up the lyrics and titles, stamp a new name on it and have millions swoon over it like it was a different song entirely, yes, he is the akpako master, and for years, people revelled in his madness.

    For years, Terry G dished out hits, collaborated on successful songs, landed the biggest shows, topped charts e.t.c although in recent years, the once vibrant, carefree, highly successful speaking in not tongue genius, is now a shadow of his vibrant musically self.

    Free madness

    Free Madness is considered one of Terry’s best street song given the fact that it’s done in for of a freestyle.

    The best was reportedly made for another artist until Terry jumped on it.

    Knack Am ft Wizkid, Runtown, Phyno

    “Knack Am” is a brilliant collaboration that features Wizkid, Runtown and Phyno out of their usual element and singing to Terry’s styleof music


    Akpako Master

    “Akpako Master” is a brilliant masterpiece from Terry that rocked the streets. The song dominated airwaves and clubs at the time of their release.

    Jump Am Pass

    Released in 2013, “Jump am Pass‘ is a song that samples a popular Gospel song in those days that asks people to jump and pass whatever trap the enemies has laid in wait for them.

    Run Mad

    On “Run Mad” Terry G boasts of his eccentric lifestyle and career and tells people trying to copy him that the only way they can copy him is to run mad.

    Jah Hailo

    Jah Hailo” is a street rendition of a celestial song. It’s more like a street gospel song.


    This song popularized the slang ‘Troway’. In the song, Terry sings against ‘bad belles’.

    Loose Control

    “Loose Control” is another popular jam from Terry that rocked the streets.


    Luv You Sexy ft Ayzee

    Terry might be all about the street madness but he can also be a romantic loverboy. “Luv U Sexy” is one of these songs.



    Sangolo” is another street jam that placed Terry G on the map.

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