The True King Of Rap: M.I Abaga Vs Vector Rap Battle

    Who is going to be crowned king of rap between M.I Abaga and Vector??

    The True King Of Rap M.I Abaga Vs Vector Rap Battle
    M.I Abaga

    The stage is set, fans are waiting, the grand prize is ready, it’s time for the show to begin.

    The beef between M.I Abaga and Vector didn’t start today, in fact, it has been building up for a very long time. Unfortunately, they’ve had their fill and it is time to purge.

    Let’s go down memory lane;

    Before vector, M. I Abaga was.
    He rose to prominence in 2006 with his hit song; “Crowd Mentality” which was very popular in his hometown of Jos

    M.I later moved to Lagos permanently after he signed with Chocolate City.

    M.I Abaga, however, came swinging at the gate with his hot song “Safe” featuring Djinee, which made him known all over the country.

    Abaga didn’t stop there, he sealed it with a classic album ” Talk About It” In December 2008, and won two awards at MTV African Music Awards in 2009.

    Vector, however, came to the limelight later on with his Samklef produced song “kilode” In 2010.
    In the song, he asked people to stop comparing him with M.I

    I quote the lyrics;

    “kilode? what d heck do u want from me
    asking if I could kill M.I?
    why would I
    He’s a cool kid
    we share ties
    I ain’t got a reason to be on a metaphor clash with him
    he’s him and I’m me
    kilode? w’nbi sumo bi”
    After this, the endless supremacy war between both artists began

    M.I Abaga and Vector continued to compete with each other, dissing and beefing.

    They even went as far as spitting insulting verses at each other when they were working on the same song.

    Fans didn’t help either as they were always looking for ways to pit both rappers against each other.

    It seems both artists felt inferior to each other and did things to make themselves feel better than the other.


    Back to the present;

    These two rappers have however taken over the internet for the past few months now as their beef as become more aggressive.

    Before anyone knew what was happening, some group of celebrities started planning a rap battle event with over #40 million Naira prize to the winner.

    Vector agreed immediately, but M.I must mute a first. Later on, he came out saying he needed to talk to his team.

    People say M.I is reluctant to accept because he’s scared of competing with Vector. But why??, isn’t that what the beef is all about? They’re both trying to prove themselves the master rapper so maybe this is the chance to do it.

    Facts though, we all know that when it comes to freestyle, M.I doesn’t have a chance against Vector. Perhaps, that’s why M.I Abaga is reluctant to do the show.

    If this competition takes place, and one wins the other, it will surely be a big blow to the loser’s ego.

    Both of them are great rappers with varying rap skill, I personally don’t think this rap battle is necessary.

    People are however desperate, they want to crown their King once and for all. What can I do, we are in a democratic regime.

    Let the battle begin! let the people choose for themselves once and for all.

    So I end by leaving this question for you all; Who is the true king of rap??

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