The transition of AG Baby from a gentleman to a gangster

    This article captures the transition of AG Baby from a gentleman to a gangster.

    Many talented artistes have risen to popularity over the years and etched their names in the hearts of Nigerians and fans all over the world; one of these talents is Adekunle fondly called AG baby now.

    Adekunle Kosoko, better known by his stage name “Adekunle Gold” and his nickname “AG Baby,” is a gifted Nigerian singer who rose to prominence in 2014 with the blockbuster hit tune “Sade.”

    The transition of AG Baby from a gentleman to a gangster
    The transition of AG Baby from a gentleman to a gangster

    His debut single “Sade,” a cover of One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” was met with mixed reactions from fans across the country, and the song became a eulogy for lovers.

    As a YBNL Label signee, starting his career with highlife seasoned with some fuji aroma, his debut single “Sade,” a cover of One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” was met with mixed reactions from enthusiasts nationwide, and the song became a hit.

    Those wondered what he was attempting to achieve when the song was released; as amusing as the lyrics may have sounded to some at the time, they were highly catchy, and the lines in the song became to pick up lines for people in love.

    Adekunle didn’t just arrive in the industry with a seasoned-highlife sound; he also arrived with a fashion sense that became his personality at the time.

    As he strolled in, his kampala (Adire in Yoruba) tees and trousers established his brand identification. This look became popular among Nigerian teenagers.

    He followed up with another single, “Orente,” which was an instant hit.

    The song was favourably welcomed by fans around the country, and it secured his place in people’s hearts.

    He went on to release “Pick Up,” “Ready,” “No Forget,” which featured Simi, and “Friend Zone,” leading to the release of his debut 16-track album “Gold” in 2016.

    The album arrived just in time to add fire to Adekunle Gold’s blazing inferno of brilliance, following the success of the lead singles.

    The popularity of Adekunle Gold’s debut album “Gold” buried his love in Nigerian hearts, and so the thousand-mile journey began with a great step.

    He soon quit YBNL and formed his own band, “The 79th Element,” called after the atomic number for “Gold.”

    Following his departure from the YBNL Record Label, he struck a distribution deal with Empire Music.

    He did, however, start working on his second studio album, “About 30,” which served as a showcase for his new sound.

    Adekunle Gold’s stronghold is Fuji-seasoned Highlife, and for a sound so deeply steeped in Yoruba culture, it’s expected of him to match it with an identity, and the adire fashion style happens to be a prominent emblem of Yoruba culture.

    In order to spread the gospel of his even further, and in preparation for his sophomore album, he created a blockbuster hit single called “Money,” which received widespread acclaim.

    The song might have easily been included on the “Gold” album, but it was instead used as a bridge between Adekunle Gold’s debut and sophomore albums.

    He also released songs like “Ire,” “Surrender,” and “Call on Me” to add additional weaponry to his arsenal, with “Ire” serving as the nuclear weapon.

    “About 30,” a 16-track album released in May 2018, was met with flowers and smiles from fans all across the world.

    After the success of “Gold” and “About 30,” Adekunle embarked on a new chapter in his career, ushering in the AG baby period.

    Adekunle released a song titled “Kelegbe Megbe” in 2019 that sounded drastically different from his regular highlife sound and featured a completely new fashion style and appearance in the video.

    Even in a demanding and turbulent market like Nigeria’s, Adekunle Gold’s metamorphosis and total rebranding came as a shock.

    Adekunle began his transition from a simple-looking Highlife musician to an elegant and rich Afro Pop singer flashing his six packs with “Kelegbe Megbe,” which marked the start of that journey.

    He quickly followed “Kelegbe Megbe” with another Afropop song, “Young Love,” and his listeners began to see the picture he had been building.

    Adekunle Gold, who was dressed in an Adire fashion style with an Afro haircut and beads on his wrist and neck, shifted to a more sophisticated look with braided hair, a chain necklace, and rings on his fingers as if he were an American football champion.

    His transformation is so seamless that you’d be hard pressed to recognize him on his own song; everything, including his vocal texture, has altered.

    It was just a matter of time after the success of his first two albums that he chose to expand his audience outside African borders.

    He did, however, decide to strengthen his bonds with his fans by launching a tailored newsletter campaign in which supporters can sign up to get emails from him directly.

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