The Importance Of Spotify Launch In Nigerian Music Industry

will launch its services in more than 80 countries including Nigeria, it is apparently the biggest streaming platform and that is why we’ll look at the Importance Of Launch In the Industry.

The Importance Of Spotify Launch In Nigerian Music Industry
The Importance Of Launch In Industry

Spotify is a Swedish streaming and media service provider with digitally restricted copyrights podcasts and music including more than 71 million songs from labels and other media outlets, now let’s discuss the Importance Of Launch In the Industry in a few days.

Afrobeat has been widely accepted across the world and the launch of means a lot to afrobeat artists, initially, streams of a song by Nigerian artists are usually low compare to South African artists that have Spotify in their country.

As big as the afrobeat genre, there no Nigerian artists that have a song that garners 100Million streams on aside from collaboration with Uk/US artist, the closest are Wizkid‘s Come closer (98Million+) and Burna Boy On The Low (95Million+).

is regarded as the biggest music streaming platform in the world thereby validating artists with a huge number of monthly listeners as big artist automatically, Burna Boy has the highest number of monthly listener on by a Nigerian artist to date (15million).

Below is the benefit of launch to the industry;


Nigeria artists will rack more streams on with the launch, Spotify pays artists $0,0032 per stream, one of the top 5 paying platforms in the world aside from Tidal, Apple Music, and Deezer, it will enhance streams and thereby translating into more money, balancing all streaming platforms on the level.


Spotify recommends songs to users especially when it is gaining more streams at a particular time frame, this helps songs reach more audience peculiar to other regions, it also helps artiste get popular in various countries using the platforms.


These are music recording certifications given by the worldwide music industry established from the total units sold or streamed, units are mainly from Spotify and other platforms, the necessary conditions are defined by different certifying body enacts by a music industry in the country, so with the launch of Spotify, Nigeria will definitely join south African as a certifying country.


Spotify streams help a song to chart at some category on billboard especially in the US region, but it certain they will re-introduce the metrics to include some regions sooner or later.

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