The Greatest 10 Kenyan Artists in 2021 and their Hit Songs.

    It’s another time of the year where people are evaluating what they did from January was it a great year?

    The Greatest 10 Kenyan Artists in 2021 and their Hit Songs.
    The Greatest 10 Kenyan Artists in 2021 and their Hit Songs.

    Meanwhile, I’m assessing which song was the crème de la crème among Kenyan artists and their greatest hits.

    Kenyan artists have never disappointed me musically, but there is always the best in every competition and if these great artists were in a musical marathon the following 10 Kenyan artists would have won the race in 2021.

    10. Nviiri The Storyteller – Kitenge

    This star who made everyone turn to him due to his song ‘Pombe Sigara’ can also agree that this year was bliss for him.

    Nviiri The Storyteller
    Nviiri The Storyteller

    We felt he would stop at his ‘Extravaganza’ collaboration or perhaps let us breathe after ‘Bar’ he did with Femi one.

    But this man said none of you is ready for me, before releasing ‘Kitenge’ earlier this year which has almost a million views on YouTube. He was right; none of us was ready.


    9. Khaligraph Jones ft. The industry – Luku

    Brian Robert Ouko famous as Khaligraph Jones is a talented rapper in East Africa. What makes this man stand out is his massive ability to maintain the same energy in the music industry.

    Khaligraph Jones
    Khaligraph Jones

    This year was no exception when he blessed us with ‘Luku’. Luku is the system of subscribing electrical power units in accordance with the money and use.

    Hip-hop is full of metaphors and that’s exactly what Khaligraph Jones has done in this song. It’s seven minutes long so believe me when I say the man has content. Join the 1.3 viewers on YouTube and have blast.


    8. Bahati feat. Sat-B – Sweet darling

    This is one of the few artists whose talent is not limited by the type of music. Be it gospel or R&B; Bahati your man.


    The song ‘Nikumbushe’ he sang with a Tanzania artist Rayvanny about asking God to remind him where he is from in case he gets arrogant, made me rethink if we have the same creator for voices.

    This year about four months ago he did it again and blessed us with ‘sweet darling’ and can make you in love the first time you hear it. I with more than 2 million other viewers did in fact fall in love; with the song of course.

    7. Nikita Kering’ – EX

    This 19-year-old princess has managed to drop all our jaws with her amazing, singing and songwriting talent.

    Nikita Kering
    Nikita Kering

    You heard me right, she’s just 19. Don’t ask me what I was doing when I was at that age! It’s no surprise she has been nominated for 3 Afrima awards as a best female artist in Eastern Africa, songwriter of the year, and best artist, best artist duo, or group.

    Voting begins tomorrow On the 19th so you know what to do. She deserves this. The lyrics and the singing of the song ‘Ex’ are just sick!


    6. Nadia Mukami ft. Otile Brown – Kolo

    This songwriter and great singer has stood out among the few Kenyan female artists. She did great on the song ‘We ni Nani‘ featuring the legend Sanapei Tande, this song got her deals and media tours locally and internationally.

    Nadia Mukami
    Nadia Mukami

    However, ‘Kolo’ is a whole new other level and the collaboration with Otile is just everything.

    It’s no surprise it has hit almost 5 million views. Kolo is a street slang meaning someone who is senseless. So who is the Kolo in her song, what did the Kolo do? Listen to this marvelous song and tell me what you think.


    5. H_art the Band – My jabber feat. Brizy Annechild

    2020 will always be a memorable one worldwide. For us Kenyans, it’s due to two reasons the COVID-19 and the song ‘El-Shaddai’.

    H_art the Band
    H_art the Band

    My interest in the band multiplied then, the song became as popular as the national anthem and it got every credit it got. It was one of the songs that you know have hit the peak and they could only go downhill from there.

    The devil works but the H_art Band works harder because ‘My jabber’ is definitely the masterpiece people don’t talk about enough. They deserve more than the 4.7million views they currently have on YouTube.


    4. Mejja – Siskii

    Mejja is one of the few artists that have managed to stay constant for a very long time.


    Have you ever loved someone to the point you are just rigid to any advice? ‘Siskii’ means “I’m not listening” and if you’ve been at a point where you listen to one this song is for you.

    Mejja is the king of relatable if you ask me because if you listen to the track ‘Tabia za Wakenya’ he literally outed every Kenyan out there. Big up Mejja!


    3. Bensoul – Nairobi

    This is the type of song that you listen to the audio and it’s so good and then you watch the video and understand why it got over 6.5 million views.


    Bensoul succeeded in making all of Kenyans sing the song ‘Nairobi’ that he released just at the beginning of this year, the new year’s gift.

    Perhaps it’s because many people relate to it since it speaks of scenarios where a guy sends transport fare but the lady doesn’t show up or you send money to the love of your life and they send it to theirs.

    One of the funny tragedies of life if you ask me. The collaboration with Sauti Sol, Nviiri the storyteller, and Mejja just made the piece mind-blowing.


    2. Otile brown ft. Alikiba – In love

    These two musical gods left everyone speechless after the release of this jaw-dropping song with about nine million views on Youtube.

    Otile brown
    Otile brown

    This masterpiece ‘In love’ has been on multiple video and radio charts for months. The only debate is who killed it better. Is it the king from the land of Nyerere; Alikiba or Legendary Otile the multi-award and multitalented singer from +254?

    It’s like having Messi and CR7 in one team. I wouldn’t want to be on the other team.

    Which Kenyan artists have made you the happiest this year?


    1. Willy Paul – Liar

    Show me a Kenyan who doesn’t love this guy’s music and I’ll show you a short camel? This must have been a very busy year for this Kenyan artist.

    Willy Paul
    Willy Paul

    First, we know Willy Paul has never disappointed us in all the collaborations he did with the ladies from Alaine (Kenyan), Nandy (Tanzanian), and this year it was Miss p who literally sounds like a bird.

    It was hard to decide which collaboration was their best because both fall in love and Liar but liar has got more positive feedback from the public with almost 10million views so Liar wins.

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