The Grammys syndrome in the Nigerian music industry

    The Grammys syndrome or the Grammys fever in the Nigerian music industry with the recent development.

    This post will specifically highlight all the Grammys brouhaha and introduce the awareness of the new era, now known as the Grammys era.

    The Nigerian music industry is completely revolutionizing based on the wave, therefore incubating greater height to fit.

    The Grammys syndrome in the Nigeria music industry
    The Grammys

    The cultural era is defined by the waves or trend that impact the environment, which is also occurring involuntarily with unconscious responsiveness.

    Significantly, winning two Grammys in one night is dawn for a new era for the Nigeria music industry.

    engulfing how it influences the culture through community topic or stan bants, the inevitable conversation that grows unconsciously to the circle.

    Moreover, it’s like a broken jinx that rewrites the history and self-belief or a chain of impossibilities, as a result, now everybody is awake to the actualisation, placing the industry on the highest scale.

    A big thanks to Burna Boy and Wizkid, both did a great job in raising the flag higher

    The Grammys syndrome in the Nigeria music industry
    The Grammys syndrome in the Nigeria music industry

    In 1991 Babatunde Olatunji won a first grammy award in Nigeria and nineteen (19) years later Sikiru Adepoju clinches the second one.

    After eleven (11) years of grammy drought, now comes a double win in one night, including with original work for an afrobeat album, first in history, undoubtedly, Burna Boy smashed and scored an eternal record as the first to make it a reality.

    on the other hand, In the western world, Grammys are a very significance title that covers any credited creatives and even non-classical.

    However, the industry is gradually embracing and acquiring knowledge to note the excellence in the attainment to be a recorded winner in the recording academy, in a nutshell, is not an easy fit to also make above 50% contributions to foreign work that bagged a Grammy.

    Therefore, understanding how it works and the rules that cover a winner or nominee in diverse categories, will certainly and speedily spread for awareness.

    Arguably now, Nigeria is the forerunner of the afrobeat movement all over the world, as the recent events serve as a call to woke, agility and a new level in the industry.

    In addition, the syndrome or fever will continue to linger and give birth to more thirsty creatives who are encouraged by the era to yield steadfast in their journey to clinch the award in their respective career.

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