The Creative Evolution of Davido in 5 Songs

    Mp3bullet.ng presents The Creative Evolution of Davido in 5 Songs.

    The Creative Evolution of Davido in 5 Songs
    The Creative Evolution of Davido in 5 Songs

    To celebrate Davido as he clocks a new age, Mp3bullet.ng compiles 5 songs that showcase the singer’s evolution.

    When Davido first entered the Industry in 2010, not many people believed that the child of the Billionaire magnate would one day evolve to become of Nigeria’s biggest pop stars.

    Davido has one thing working for him, his ability to attract attention with his songs. He could get you dancing or falling in love, or feeling sorry for him whenever he had a heartbreak, he was never short of getting a raise out of his listeners.

    The singer has over the years showed evolution and versatility, embracing his strengths, weaknesses, and his knowledge of mainstream music, combining this to secure a solid spot in the Industry.

    Mp3bullet.ng highlights a list of 5 songs that showcases Davido as an artistic genuis.

    Dami Duro

    The Creative Evolution of Davido in 5 Songs
    Davido- Dami Duro

    Dami Duro might not have come out in 2017, and it doesn’t have any international certifications or even a lot of YouTube views but this is Davido’s breakthrough hit.

    Following the release of ‘Back When,’ Davido was viewed as a random lad who no one cared about. Because everyone wanted to see him fail at that point, ‘Dami Duro‘ was the ice breaker for his career.

    Instead of failing, he poured all of his marketing efforts into ‘Dami Duro,’ a video that featured Burna Boy and Wizkid, as well as a smash reputation. ‘Dami Duro‘ is Davido’s strongest in terms of raw impact. E still scatter dancefloor till tomorrow.



    Even though tracks like ‘Ekuro‘ and ‘Feel Alright‘ had done something, Davido was locked in a loop of pop singles after the release of ‘Skelewu,’ and wanted a groundbreaking female-themed record for his female fan base.

    Aye,’ a song written by , was a game-changer for Davido in the Nigerian mainstream. Especially among over the age of 50.

    The song was an instant hit, birthing various covers from both artists, fans and comedians.

    Fans Mi ft Meek Mill

    Davido-Fans Mi

    In the American market, this is still one of Davido’s most high-profile collaborations.

    In 2015, The singer teamed up with Meek Mill and caused a stir on social media after he was able to get the American Rapper to appear on the video.

    In retrospect, Davido and Meek Mill reflected on their early and struggling days when money was scarce, recalling the ill-treatment they received from the ladies and how the street treated them with contempt, but all of that is now in the past, according to them, as they now have their dream car and dream chick.

    Shizzi produced the song, which was released in June 2015, and Sesan directed the music video.



    Fall” continues to break international records five years after its release. The music video for the 2017 became the first Nigerian music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube, and then 200 million views by 2021, making it the most-watched Nigerian music video on the platform.

    The enormous Nigerian pop tune also became the longest-charting Nigerian song ever on Billboard. It’s also the most certified Nigerian/Afrobeat song in the world.

    It was the second single released during his 2017 musical run. In terms of pop culture, the became a soundtrack for opulent love.

    Blow My Mind

    Davido x Chris Brown Blow My Mind Mp3 Download
    Davido- Blow My Mind

    In 2018, Davido teased his sophomore album “A Good Time“, which was set to be released five years after his debut.

    It was also a year after his incredible 2017 run, which included four No. 1 singles. In 2018, four singles were released, two of which were hits.

    After not releasing a single in the first seven months of 2019, he did so with ‘Blow My Mind,’ featuring Chris Brown.

    In less than a month, the song’s video surpassed five million views, setting the tone for A Good Time.

    Without the success of that song, it could have been difficult to release a ‘Risky‘ single like ‘Sweet In The Middle.’

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