Teni shares comic video of her song ” Billionaire”

    Teni the entertainer shares a playful  Video on Instagram, promoting her hit song “Billionaire”

    Teni shares teasing video on hit song billionaire Sensational  singer TenI ‘ created a buzz on Instagram  as she uploaded a video of her and friends Jamming to her song “Billionaire

    In the video, she said she wanted to teach her fans how to be billionaires. She danced and sang along to the song on her bed, and made to fall, but her friends caught her.

    Then she urged them to bring her purse which they did. She proceeded with the billionaire act and started spraying money on them but ended quickly and asked that they return the money ”

    Her words were ” please gimme my money back, I was just joking please don’t steal my money o! I was just joking

    Surely this very funny video is another means of promoting the banger. Check out her new single Nowo

    watch the video below

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