Tems claps back at a troll who criticized her voice

  • Watch The Shocking Moment Tems slammed a Fan trolled her voice.

  • Tems responds to a troll mocked her vocal quality.

Tems claps back at a troll who criticized her voice
Tems claps back at a troll criticized her voice

Nigerian musician, Tems, may appear peaceful, but she will gladly throw that calmness away if someone disrespects her and her voice.

The Try Me singer is trending after a fan criticised her voice during an Instagram Live conversation.

In her words via the fan’s tweet; “Your voice no sweet”.

Tems felt insulted by her words and wasted no time reply the fan that her own voice ain’t /good either. She went further to tell the fan that there is something mentally wrong with her. In simple words; “You are mad”.

The singer went on to laugh out loud during the live chat.


Many of the singer’s and followers have since taken to the comment section to rally around her, but some went on to talk about her deep laughter.

.ng captured some of the reactions, see them below:

cutemikky: “We prefer ur singing voice Abeg, this one get bass.”

lino_ville: “She’s laughing the kind of laugh.”

official_alexp: “Her laugh be like man .”

mariambum: “Bite bellé people everywhere,Tems clap back wella.”

charming._caramel: “When she don use sword finish carry stick come fight she start to dey laugh.”

mullarban: “I need to watch again and look at her lips ti be sure she’s the one talking .”

ic_phoenixx: “I Never Expected Vawulence From Tems.” possible_worldwide: “E pain her small sha But people are mean oo .”

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