Tekno’s new song, “Better” lives up to the ‘Hope For Africa’ title.

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’s new song, “Better” lives up to the ‘Hope For Africa’ title.

Hear what some people have to say and you’ll realize many people actually believe Africa is so bad, there can be no redemption for the black continent. Bad economy, bad government, insecurity, low minimum wage, bad roads and all sorts of rubbish to blame.

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Ask me anything! I’m too fresh

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And, since the late legend, , more and more artists have always got one thing or the other to say about the issues, in the country. From to , to , the queue is really long. Lately, we’ve got our share of , too. While is also doing his part.

But what’s the point if we think these issues are good topics to make songs out of, but we don’t actually believe things will get better? You don’t have to answer that, that’s rhetoric.

Tekno is a well known pop star, and what’s he known for? Some really banging love tunes which usually don’t have to be deep, as long as there are one or two words, girls’ names, maybe and then some “dibi daba diba dobo.” He actually blew up singing “baby Palanga.” Probably learned most of that from , who used to be his boss at .

Tekno's new song, “Better” lives up to the ‘Hope For Africa’ title.

Over the years, he’s shown himself to be a really good and talented guy, perfect African . He also got some dance moves, to match. And, given that he’s a crazy-ass producer, his Afro game is top-notch. Pana”, “Yawa”, “GO”,Where”, and a whole lot of other impressive pieces. He’s made his point, he is a good artist and can be versatile when he needs to.

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Well, since he left his former label and started his own imprint, he’s been doing some different things. First, he did the Zanku-themed “Agege” with Ibile. It was only a matter of time before something like “Better” came through.

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@zlatan_ibile is genius #agege

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“Better”, has a rather groovy afro-beat, which is probably not really befitting of what Tekno did on the track. He did make some good music, though. He was talking about the bad economy and praying it all gets better one day. That is, he didn’t just want to do the critic job, but he also got to say some prayer.

We’ve heard better from the guy, but this Tekno song ain’t bad. Although this isn’t the first time he’s doing something of this sort, as he’s tried talking about what was happening around on his 2017 hit, “Rara.” Maybe “Rara” was even a better hit? But yeah, at a time like this, this is some good stuff with the good vibe we need.

Even if this doesn’t reassure people that there’s still hope, it’s still good music. Does Tekno deserve some accolades? I say, why the hell not?

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