Tanzania’s Music Jungle: The Lion, The King and The Elephant

‘There is this old Swahili Proverb that says “people think the hero of the sea is Shark but there are others”, this is what happens in Tanzania’s Entertainment.

Tanzania’s Music Jungle: The Lion, The King and The Elephant
Tanzania’s Music Jungle: The Lion, The King and The Elephant

Back in the days Lingala Vibes and Music bands were dominating while Bongo flavour was regarded as gangster thing and all them youths whose passion was music were taken as losers until the coming of these three vibrant boys.


In world that decided to take talent as just another part of entertainment while others regarded this talent as hooliganism, young man from in the slams that did manual labour to earn a living went the extra mile when he stole his mother’s necklace and sold it all so he could afford to record his song.

Diamond Platnumz - Tanzania’s Music Jungle- The Lion, The King and The Elephant
Diamond Platnumz

With his voice and his ability to steal hearts, he was able to successfully make music one of the prominent works for youths. His name is Nassib Abdul better known as Diamond Platnumz who was able to do exceedingly well because of his eagerness to excel; something that he had even back in the days to the point people in the streets respected him and called him Simba (Lion).

He did this in time when guardians believed that Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Agriculture were the only things that could help youths make living. But he managed to make a name for himself without any of those things, and his impact was so great that some parents decided to take their children to learn music.

Diamond Platnumz- The Music Genuis of East Africa
Diamond Platnumz

More than once or twice, reputable journals have discussed this artist’s wealth that resulted from his numerous endorsements, from his music, fashion and business deals. In fact, he is the CEO of Wasafi Media, broadcasting company that runs radio and T.V. station.

He is addicted to cars and houses – actually, he fancies the finer things which is why he is likely to be found with certain beauty this week and another the next. This is the “Lion from Tandale jungle”.

His music has little of everything; if you are sad and are looking for something to cheer you up if you feel like dancing he can get you in the mood especially when he is on stage with his entire Wasafi Classic Baby crew (better known as WCB). The moves that they dance while performing are sufficient painkiller for your pain.


If you talk about East African Music without mentioning the name AliKiba, it would be apparent that you have disrespected the entire Bongo Flava Kingdom because his unique melody and earned him the title of Mfalme (King).

Alikiba - Tanzania’s Music Jungle - The Lion, The King and The Elephant

The way that he moves his voice as he pleases behind mic is probably the only thing he knew how to do when he was born. You would rarely miss him in a playlist of anyone who knows good music.

His music has had the same since the first time he started recording tomorrow. He is well known for his “Arrogance in Music” that is even if the trend changes, you would still want to listen to him singing in his usual style.

While many Tanzanian artists decided to infuse their music with Western African sounds particularly Nigerian, he released his songs Aje and Kadogo which carried his usual melodic sound.

Alikiba ft. Mayorkun – Jealous Lyrics

Even when he leaves the music scene for a while, he comes back to find his throne full of dust as it lay empty because no one can take his place.

While many artists were avoiding live performances, Ali has thrived in that category. His life outside of music is very normal and he gets along with everyone, you might even call him “Bongo Flavor’s Keanu Reeves”.

He is one of the most successful artists in East African music, which is why he is mentioned in a number of lists as one of the wealthiest artists. It is all well deserved because he put a lot of effort into improving his art.


Harmonize - Tanzania’s Music Jungle - The Lion, The King and The Elephant

They say show what you can do when you are given the chance, and that is exactly what Rajab or Harmonize (his stage name) did. He has been through a lot in his journey as an artist but he held on to the saying never give up. These days a day won’t go by without hearing his song on the radio.

When he was welcomed into the music industry by Diamond Platnumz, he did not fail to impress with bangers like Never Give Up a touching song he delivered an emotional performance, Bed Room, Show Me (featuring the African Giant, Burna Boy), and many more.

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A physically fit physique and full-body have become his signature look in his videos which are favored by the ladies. He initially started out at WCB that is led by Diamond Platnumz but he now owns his own record label which he called Konde Gang.

He dreams about good music day in and day out. That is the young man that left his village with not a cent to his name and came to the city to make music. The rest is history.

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