Young M.A – Praktice [Music]


DOWNLOAD Young M.A Praktice Mp3 Download 

DOWNLOAD Young M.A Praktice Mp3 Download

Young M.A drops a new single entitled Praktice.

Like we ain’t never ever hard for this; They don’t let us in, we bogarting this s–t; Yeah; They talking ’bout practice, bloody; Like we don’t practice, bloody

Who said I don’t hard? B—h, I go so hard; I don’t care who got it, we still in charge; F–k these hoes, f–k these broads, I don’t got no time “no”; Do you see my pockets “yeah”, I’m doing just fine; Don’t call my line, don’t call my line “don’t call it” if you ain’t talking checks “what?”; Oh you tryna flex? “What?” We are not impressed; Bankrolls in my sweats, hitters to my left “woo, woo”
Pull up to the club “skrrt”, f–k it up, then we left “skrrt”; Hennessy on my breath, OG in my chest; Oh you making threats? Okay, say less “say less”; Don’t act like you know me “huh?” I don’t know you guys “no”; So if I say, “Who you?,” “who them?” do not act surprised; Man, I don’t pay y’all no mind, no, I just pay my bills “yeah”; No Netflix and chill, b—h, I get checks and chill
Put that p—y on my grills, b—h, tell me how it feels “woo”; They say that I’m rude, no I’m just that real “woo”

Y’all talking ’bout practice; Y’all talking ’bout practice; B—h, we active, we active; I just dump a b—h and dump my ashes, my ashes.

Oh you tried to doubt me? They tried to doubt me; Oh you a hater? Keep that s–t from ’round me; Pull up in that Audi, skrrt skrrt, then I’m outtie “skrrt skrrt”; Put my chain on her, she like, “Oh, you tryna drown me?” “Ooh”; Back when I was broke, you was tryna clown me; ‘Member when you said you was better off without me?; Now I’m s——g on you “s——g”, ooh, I did it on you; Now you got the blues, like I’m Cripping on you “woo”; But I’m on my Blood s–t, suu whoop, suu whoop “suu whoop”
I be f—–g doll b—–s, voodoo, voodoo “voodoo”; If you getting money then, you cool, you cool “you cool”; But I don’t know you guys, who you? Who you? “Who dem?”; I do what I do, b—h, mind your business; I’m talking my s–t, because I’m twisted
I’ma be a billionaire, speak that to existence “ayy”; I believe that s–t, if I say it then I meant it; You can’t tell me nothing, everything in function; I don’t hear no facts, nope, I just hear assumptions; You said you was popping “word”, I heard you was bluffing;  Oh you fronting fronting, you really ’bout nothing; Chicken with the stuffing, we getting that bank, bank
We getting that KK, f–k what you think, think; We smoking that stank stank, loud pack, yeah that dank dank
I ball every pay day, everyday is pay day; Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy;  Bloody, bloody, bloody, bloody; Bloody, bloody
Like we ain’t never ever go hard for this s–t; They don’t let us in, we bogarting this s–t

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    She is the best and she will be ever the best

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